Collecting do’s and Don’t-s

Hello Everyone!

Brett of Bad Or Rad here.

hopefully helping you guys out with some tips or at least an understanding on how to possibly start up a decent collection.


Now I will give you a glimpse into how I started (again) later in life, to just pick up a few of the really great games I loved as a child, which soon turned into an obsession again. LOLCATZ

Sorry, anyways. I decided that some of the fondest memories in life were jamming through some games that I loved, and also jamming some stinkers that are so bad, they are had to play. Because, some badly programmed things are not only extremely rare, excessively expensive, but also just as awesome as watching a terrible B-movie.

So I will give you some ideas, some places to keep track of what you are doing, and hopefully some sort of help.


DECIDE what you want!

Well What do you want?!!? I can’t start to know what you like in comparison to what I like, but I can tell you that I started out a bit different than most people. Mainly because, I’m farther in life with a better job than I had when I was 16.

So let’s assume you are going to go after stuff the same way I did.  So here is where I started, and I will also go from cheap to expensive.

1. Asking Family and friends-

You never know what some of the people you hold dear to you have in their closets and are more than willing to give to you just because you are pretty RAD. So, never underestimate the kindness of others.

2. Garage Sales and your neighbors-

Garage sales isn’t really something new. I’m sure you know about them, but they are a great place to find a system with quite a few games for pretty cheap. Haggle if you can, unless the price sticker is just too good to be true… But, maybe haggle some more. And secondly, You never know what your neighbors might have. Kids could have moved out and left all their goodies in the house. And that neighbor you help out with the yard sometimes, might just pay you in some boxed garage/closet goodies for some help.

3. Thrift stores!!

If you don’t know what a thrift store is. It’s places like Good Will, Salvation Army, or what ever style of thrift store name you have in your area. If it’s not one of the big names it usually has the name thrift in it.  Most the time you can pick stuff up games for less than 3$ a piece and systems for 30$ or less. (Sometimes even less than this, but this is the normal price ranges) -Note- Make sure you look through the toys, a lot of thrift stores just toss them on the shelf with the naked barbies, and broken GI JOES.


Now flea markets range a lot of the time. Most of the inside booths know exactly what they have, but they will also haggle prices with you if you’ve shopped there a few times- Or you don’t act like an ass in their store. Talk game talk with them, see what they like, and if you have a lot of extras of what they like or want. Work some trade deals with them. This will get you better prices and a friendlier welcome when you come back. But, the cheap stuff is outside. So, if you live in a warm area you probably have outside booths all the time. -Note- ALWAYS START OUTSIDE! Because if you don’t the guys that work the inside will, and then you’ll be buying what you could have bought earlier. Also try to go as early in the morning as possible, when the rest of the nerds are still sleepy. :)

5. A video game store

Now if you are collecting new games, you probably already go here, but you aren’t getting any good prices at GameStop. And unfortunately, every other big budget video game store is gone. Depending on where you live in the world, you may have a small chain or stores, or just a few mom and pop variety stores. These are great to check out for stuff. You never know what you’ll find there on a daily basis, since people are always trading or selling off their old stuff. But keep in mind, that it is a retail store and they do know what they have. So, the prices aren’t going to be as great as some of your other finds.

Above all, be friendly to the employees there.  They are collectors too, and generally like to talk about videogames. So it’s a great place to possible get some more leads, or just have a good time having a chat. There are TONS of things that are worth collecting or just picking up to make a quick trade, or sale. So, pay attention to what’s priced high in these stores. Sometimes you’ll see the same thing at all the previous mentioned.  - Note: A quick buck on something you don’t like puts a lot more good stuff on your shelf.


Okay, the internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy… or sometimes that thing that empty’s your bank account. If you are going to start here, than you best be ready to not always get what you want, and be ready to be patient.. because you are now at the whim of someone else, that you can’t see with your eyes.  (I’ll do this in a step program of places to check out and ways of gets!)


-Note: If you are going to use any internet sites..



Are three to check out. There are more than this, but I’m sure you know how to do a google search, and if you don’t.. please learn the internet before jumping on it and trying to buy or sell. You really don’t want to start out on a bad foot. And you can find out a lot of information on what you are about to buy or not buy, before you do.

but anyways, These three websites are auction sites. Where you are versus everyone else in the world. You are all bidding on the same thing that lasts a certain period of time.

Ebay also has a buy now feature. Which is basically just a sale without anyone being able to bid. This is also how AMAZON works. If you’ve never shopped on amazon they always have a lot of video game stuff on there to check out.  which moves us on to Sales Websites.


Now there are TONS of sales websites. Everyone of them charges a different amount for things because they think it’s worth this or that. It just really depends on what the item was selling for when they posted it.

If you’ve now become familiar with Google. You can type in something you are looking for and hit the SHOPPING button and it will give you tons of places where that item is currently for sale. Pretty cool, but usually your most expensive route. But, it again is a good way to get an idea of the sales range, so if you find it in the earlier categories.. snag it up.


(a forum is basically a post chat room that people will toss out offers or just talk to you about stuff. )

The last internet market is Forum sites.


NINTENDOAGE is a great one to start with or at least check out. You can set up an account, you can set up a personal inventory to keep track of your stuff when you are out shopping, and you have 8 different types of collecting fun. You can sell, buy, look, learn, chat, or just gloat about things you found in the wild.

Now you will run across more if you are really looking around, or you might even do what a lot of other people do and use FACEBOOK.

There are a lot of these on Facebook (if you have one), but on facebook these are called groups. Where everyone can post what they have for sale, got, so forth.

But, beware.. Facebook has no definite set up or points system. So you will be relying on strangers to actually do what you are agreeing to.


This is your final section. Always know the people you are shopping against, or with. Collector’s want to get a lot of stuff, just like you, and you all may have something the other person wants. Be friendly to the other collector’s, they might find stuff out in the wild for you, if you do the same for them.  Collector’s like collecting, even if it’s helping someone else out.


Now that you have an idea of where to look. I’ll give you a short story of my start to now.

I’ve used these places for almost 2 years and I’ve gone from having roughly about 20 games to walls of stuff. I started with one 1000$ purchase, (which is a big pay out to start with) and after i resold everything I didn’t want from this huge lot. I made a lot of the money back. I have been buying and selling, trading, keeping, swapping out for better copies, and learning my networks and what I’m the best at. You will find yours as well, and turn your nothing into a very Remarkable thing, that all your friends talk about when you aren’t around. ha.

But, anyways. Follow the best network that works for you, and turn your sad collection into a big one. If you want to make sure you aren’t losing money, definitely keep a journal or word/note pad file. With what you’ve spent and what you’ve made. If you don’t care about profit to loss.. Then just start having fun!!

Here’s some random things I’ve picked up recently, and some stuff that’s all nice and organized. Which if you’ve watched my play through videos on , this is the back wall without me sitting in front of it. Ha



And this isn’t nearly everything at all. I have boxes of more stuff everywhere. I go a little crazy sometimes.



I just picked up this Neo Geo the other day.




I already had this one.



I picked up this Final Lap


And this Tetris



And there are a lot of really stupid things out there,  like this old hand held.



Now don’t start going wild on anything you aren’t sure of. Check your bases, know what you want, and shop around. Learn and know what you have and don’t have. The more information you know about the things you are getting. The cheaper you will get them and the more you will make from them.

If you have any questions or anything don’t hesitate to comment on this post.

Thanks for wasting some time with me.

-BRETTO Badorad






Deja Vu





Game Price = 10 (box = 5-10 / Manual – 1-5)
One player


It is a mystery game? So mysterious it doesn’t really tell you what’s going on!! Sounds neat, and I’m in. Plus it’s made by the guys who brought us ShadowGate!

So it looks like we have to find out who the real murderer is in Deja VU, and chances are as of right now. It’s definitely us.




The game plays like the rest of the point and click games like this on the system. You hit the button of what you want to do in the area and click on it. Such as, look at something, take something, and so on.

The story line is a little wish washed when trying to figure out exactly what to do, but that adds a lot of fun to the game. No one wants to solve a mystery instantly.

This game doesn’t have the constant you could die meter like shadow gates Torches, or The Uninvited’s scare meter. You can get killed by random thugs and gang members on the street, but you can kill them too. Which can also be dangerous to your final mission. Sometimes, You can kill people and it doesn’t matter to. As long as you have the evidence to clear your name of the current crime.

Just like an Action Movie!!!

I like how they added in a lot of secret features in the game so you can’t lose.  Such as this Spoiler ALERT!!

If you run out of money, You can go back to the casino and there will always be a coin in the drop. You can use it over and over again until you have enough cash to take a taxi somewhere. Because in this title there is a lot of relocating to certain people’s houses and work places.


There are very few games like this on the NES. There are a few different styles of point and click games, but games exactly like this one are very far and in between. It’s exactly like Shadow Gate andThe Univited because they are by the same people. Princess Tomato is also like this game.  Then there are a few other games that sort of use this format when you go into buildings. The most famous being GOONIES 2, when searching for clues inside of buildings.

These titles are a lot of fun if you can grasp the idea of collecting things to use them in a different way than normal.

The Game ‘OVER’ ALL? (93%)

I really enjoy all styles of games, but Deja Vu was one of the three Kemco games I never got as a child. I always wanted it because I loved Shadow Gate and the Univited. It could have been because those two were Horroresque titles and there aren’t a lot of those back when; and Deja Vu was the the clip in Mystery Mystery- instead of Horror Mystery.

I was always a fan of the early computer titles as well. A lot of these will never see the light of day again, besides by one of us fan boys. But, the old point and click games are amazing. They sort of got lost in the frenzy of the new game world. The constant save points and loss of attention barrier in kids. It’s sad to see great things like this go to the way side. I remember only wanting an Nintendo 64 to play Shadowgate 64. Then once I saw the game play.. I think my heart collapsed, and it was the first REAL notion towards good game mechanics going to the awkward 3D future.

But, seriously. If you want a real challenge this is a game to play, and if you get stuck. I just so happened to beat it in this video you can watch.

Do you Love video game songs?

Well if you do, You’ll probably really like Mother Brain!

They are turning your old loved 8 bit tunes into some Metal!

I love 80′s Metal and VideoGame music.


I wonder if MOTHERBRAIN can get Rob Halford to come and sing for them?

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VS -Round- 1


Remember when something from Gamepro mattered enough to be printed on a game? Yeah… me either.

What’s this about then?

The same thing everyone always complains about. Who’s better? Which system is the one to buy. Why is better than the other system. You know all the junky junk blah blah boo hoo fan boy blabber.

So where do we start?





Let’s start where It started

This is one of many PONG dedicated machines

This is a PONG machine.

You remember Pong right? The first virtual tennis game.

Well if you do not recall, here is a screen shot. 

In this title it was you VS the computer or a friend. You were a line on one side, and the enemy was the line on the other side. The Dot was the ball or puck if you pretended it was Air Hockey. Regardless, in the 70s and into the 80s there were roughly about 700 different models of the pong machine, or pong like machines. Some had different pong modes.

Here is a quick clip from Wikipedia info about The beginning of PONG!

“Pong (marketed as PONG) is one of the earliest arcade videogames; it is a tennis sports game featuring simple two dimensional graphics. While other arcade video games such as Computer Space came before it, Pong was one of the first video games to reach mainstream popularity. The aim is to defeat the opponent in a simulated table tennis game by earning a higher score. The game was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated (Atari), who released it in 1972.”

So we have one of the first arcade machines. Dedicated to a machine that doesn’t do too much but is a hit!

So, after the arcade world starts to increase in popularity.  The first home Pong machine releases around 1975, and everyone that is in the world of electronics makes their own version and releases. Atari decides to get in gear and start creating new home experiences, which are new titles, you know, that aren’t PONG. But that’s not the point of this post.

This is to show you the VS!!! mentality.

So here are a few more Models from the top companies in the 70′s fighting for your tv.

Atari PONG

Magnavox Odyssey Pong


Even Radio shack had a Pong

Now if you go yourself and do a Google Search of Home Pong Machines. You will get an AMAZING amount of machines, redo machines, newer updated versions of the same machines. Machines that are one player, two player, even 4 player! Piles and piles of these things all dedicated to one game.


And guess what. That’s all their was. So if you had a pong machine, you were the shit. But, Who made a better version? No one really. I’ve played several of these machines. They all do the same thing, the handles (controllers) are sometimes slightly different, but only to how you hold them. If they control up and down pretty well, they are good to go. So, what created a rivalry other than the obvious? (Money)

After these companies had created a way to have an arcade in someone’s house. They were all over it. Doing their best to create in home experiences. Having all your friends over to the house to play video games instead of going down to the Video Arcade .

Which Brings up one of my favorite commercials of all time.

This isn’t about pong, but applies to the Arcade comment I put above it.


So to get to the full circle point of the start of my VS’s posts. Pong MACHINES go first. Because, it was the first. The name on your pong machine could have influenced you to different consoles in the future. It could have just made you go straight to the Atari 2600. Which was pretty much the Market KING at the time, but at the time. It was which PONG machine is better than the other PONG machine? WHICH ONE DO I GET TO DO THE EXACT SAME THING!! WHICH ONE LOOKS LESS GENERIC?? AHHHHHH!!! PONG PONG PONG!!!


If you are wondering, since that’s why you are still reading. This is my favorite Winning Pong machine.


Have a good NERDY day, and check back for VS Round 2!