The Addam’s Family- Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt



Price = $25-40  Box – 30-40$  manual – 5-20$
Players = 1
Passwords- YES
The artwork for the addam’s family on this box is amazing. I love it and I already love the Addam’s Family. SO I definitely want this game!
After reading the back it sound a bit similar to the other Addam’s family game where you are Gomez and you have to save the family, but it looks a lot different.
After the game boots up this is the version of the Addam’s family on Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo! I love this game!
The game play of this game is fairly simple, jump on stuff to kill them, just like Mario, but the large difference in this is you have to use some enemies as a double jump… Meaning. You can bounce on their heads to get farther up into the air or onto platforms you can’t jump to.
There really isn’t a learning curve for this game. It’s just searching all the family grounds to find A LOT of freemen and candy. The candy, after you grab so many, gives you extra life which is a cool concept. Normal concept, but pretty cool.
The only problem I have with this game, which is very slight, is when you jump on two enemies at once, you take a hit. Which really isn’t that big of deal, but it happens.
The game loses a point for having literally no music except in the opening credits and the finish credits. This was done because there is so much in the game, and I figure that with music playing the whole time it would give some terrible lag, and most the time, you might not even notice. I don’t unless I start humming the addam’s family song and then realize it isn’t there.
In the world of plat-formers, this game is amazing. There are a lot of games in this genre that are just terrible, and honestly, most the games by OCEAN are usually not very well tuned. They really spent some time with the game to make it work really well.
I really give as many thumbs up to this game as possible. I love the Addam’s family, and this is the best one on the NES console. It’s soooooo much better than the first game, and being completely unlike Fester’s Quest. (Which is more of an RPG)
Like I already mentioned, it has literally no music in the actual game play. The cover art shows Cousin it and Lurch, but the only time they show up in the game is in pictures on the wall. That doesn’t really effect the score at all, I’m just unsure as to why they would present them on the front, other than using a stock photo. Thing shows up under hint boxes, much like the Mario titles, and a lot of other games as time went by. (Jump underneath the box, get a hint for the stage area)
This game is fairly simple to beat once you know where everything is in the house, and there are amazing amounts of free 1UP’s to find.
One of the things I really enjoyed about this title is that it has hidden bosses. Each one of these hidden bosses is extremely important to making the game easier. Each one you kill (there are 3) will give you an extra hit.
So, if you can find this game for fairly cheap, or you just love the addam’s family. It’s the one to play on the NES!
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0

-Felix “the Brett” Prescott