VS -Round- 1


Remember when something from Gamepro mattered enough to be printed on a game? Yeah… me either.

What’s this about then?

The same thing everyone always complains about. Who’s better? Which system is the one to buy. Why is better than the other system. You know all the junky junk blah blah boo hoo fan boy blabber.

So where do we start?





Let’s start where It started

This is one of many PONG dedicated machines

This is a PONG machine.

You remember Pong right? The first virtual tennis game.

Well if you do not recall, here is a screen shot. 

In this title it was you VS the computer or a friend. You were a line on one side, and the enemy was the line on the other side. The Dot was the ball or puck if you pretended it was Air Hockey. Regardless, in the 70s and into the 80s there were roughly about 700 different models of the pong machine, or pong like machines. Some had different pong modes.

Here is a quick clip from Wikipedia info about The beginning of PONG!

“Pong (marketed as PONG) is one of the earliest arcade videogames; it is a tennis sports game featuring simple two dimensional graphics. While other arcade video games such as Computer Space came before it, Pong was one of the first video games to reach mainstream popularity. The aim is to defeat the opponent in a simulated table tennis game by earning a higher score. The game was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated (Atari), who released it in 1972.”

So we have one of the first arcade machines. Dedicated to a machine that doesn’t do too much but is a hit!

So, after the arcade world starts to increase in popularity.  The first home Pong machine releases around 1975, and everyone that is in the world of electronics makes their own version and releases. Atari decides to get in gear and start creating new home experiences, which are new titles, you know, that aren’t PONG. But that’s not the point of this post.

This is to show you the VS!!! mentality.

So here are a few more Models from the top companies in the 70’s fighting for your tv.

Atari PONG
Magnavox Odyssey Pong


Even Radio shack had a Pong

Now if you go yourself and do a Google Search of Home Pong Machines. You will get an AMAZING amount of machines, redo machines, newer updated versions of the same machines. Machines that are one player, two player, even 4 player! Piles and piles of these things all dedicated to one game.


And guess what. That’s all their was. So if you had a pong machine, you were the shit. But, Who made a better version? No one really. I’ve played several of these machines. They all do the same thing, the handles (controllers) are sometimes slightly different, but only to how you hold them. If they control up and down pretty well, they are good to go. So, what created a rivalry other than the obvious? (Money)

After these companies had created a way to have an arcade in someone’s house. They were all over it. Doing their best to create in home experiences. Having all your friends over to the house to play video games instead of going down to the Video Arcade .

Which Brings up one of my favorite commercials of all time.

This isn’t about pong, but applies to the Arcade comment I put above it.


So to get to the full circle point of the start of my VS’s posts. Pong MACHINES go first. Because, it was the first. The name on your pong machine could have influenced you to different consoles in the future. It could have just made you go straight to the Atari 2600. Which was pretty much the Market KING at the time, but at the time. It was which PONG machine is better than the other PONG machine? WHICH ONE DO I GET TO DO THE EXACT SAME THING!! WHICH ONE LOOKS LESS GENERIC?? AHHHHHH!!! PONG PONG PONG!!!


If you are wondering, since that’s why you are still reading. This is my favorite Winning Pong machine.


Have a good NERDY day, and check back for VS Round 2!



Game Price = 5  (box = 5-10 / Manual – 1-5)
One player


According to the box. “NOT a game, a drawing and animation system”

I can’t really rate it as a game So this category doesn’t really apply.


There isn’t really any game play. It’s an art studio. So if you didn’t have a computer at the time with the program MS-PAINT or any other variant, Videomation could have been a fun choice.

It has several options of things you can do with it, and a small amount of colors to paint with. It seems to me that they spent more time adding in “stamps” and silly GIF style animations before giving a lot of options for artwork. But, It is a very old program, so it isn’t completely rate-able for that.

The only other games / not games on the NES are Color a Dinosaur which is just terrible, and Tiny Toons cartoon Workshop, which is similar but not the same.

If you were a kid and wanted to make art on your nintendo this is a pretty cool feature. Not as good as Nintendo’s Later release of Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo, but not completely terrible either.

If you watch the video play through I did. I rate the game as bad, because in this day and age. It’s pretty bad in a worthless sense of the word. But, back in the day, this would have been a neat way to make some artwork. And since this is the only Rate-Able area for the game it doesn’t score too bad at the end of the review.


Again this is not a game, and like I said the only things to compare it to are Tiny Toons Cartoon Workshop and Color a Dinosaur.

These two titles are also not games, but aren’t fun in this day and age either. But, I’ll get to those two at a different period of time.


The Game ‘OVER’ ALL? (80%)

I know I am still using my 4th category The Game ‘Over’ All, but since this isn’t really a game. I’m rating it more on Accessory title. There are tons of accessories on the NES that are just awful, and beyond awful. Cool thoughts if they would have functioned properly, but most of them do not work at all, or work so poorly you give up.

And, Like I said, it doesn’t score bad at the end of the day.. It does work pretty well for what it is in comparison to some other things.

Above all, It functions.

You can’t really save the stuff you worked on, or have a mouse to control stuff (You use the controller),  which is what makes this not that exciting. But, it’s still pretty neat in comparison to junkie clunky accessories (And COLOR A DINOSAUR)


Addam’s Family Sega Genesis

shared from LukieGames.com
Price = $5-10
Players = 1
Well unlike most game boxes, this one doesn’t lie to you. I’m not exactly sure why the focus so much of the text on the weapons Gomez can get to attack with since they are pretty short lived in the game. But, They did.
The game is exactly what it says it is. You are Gomez and you must save the family from the clutches of spooky stuff.
If you have played Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt on the NES, this game plays exactly the same, but with a lot of upgrades. Since this is on the Sega Genesis.
If you haven’t, here is how it works.
This game is a platformer with Mario mechanics (in a way). You need to go through which ever areas there are, by jumping on enemies and climbing your way to things, or just going all the way left or right. The game has some bounce physics, meaning if you jump on something’s head, it will give you a jump boost. Helping you to get to higher areas or just continuing to bounce on enemies heads.
The game loses some points for some of the less interesting areas of play. There are a lot of those walk as far out on this ledge with a roof above you to jump to the next section.. You missed fall to the bottom and start over. I’ve never found these parts to add to game play. These things are just there to piss you off and slow you down.
It also loses a point for mentioning this weapons as if they are amazing. The Golf ball is worth having for tossing it, (which makes it bounce across the screen killing enemies) But the sword has a very short distance attack, and you usually get hit using it. But, all items you pick up, other than the fez-copter, gives you an extra hit point. So if you have the sword, golf ball, or fast-shoes, you can get hit one more time before dying.
This falls perfectly into the section of great platformer. The Sega Genesis Library is full of Sonic the HedgeHog clones. So it’s nice to have a title like this that isn’t one of those. Don’t get me wrong though, I love all the cartoon platformers that cloned Sonic, most of them are pretty amazing. It’s just nice to have one that adds the element of a real old school style one, with new mechanics.
I really enjoy this game, I would say it’s the best of all the Addam’s family games. If you look at old reviews of this version vs the SNES version. They will say the SNES version is better due to sound. But, if you’ve played both versions. The Sega version has tons more game play, hidden areas, and just better handling.
The Snes version will only lose a few points in my eyes for the missing stuff and that they didn’t have the sound files when they made it on SNES, so all the sounds are changed. (And sound like someone made fart noises with their mouth)