Deja Vu


Game Price = 10 (box = 5-10 / Manual – 1-5)
One player


It is a mystery game? So mysterious it doesn’t really tell you what’s going on!! Sounds neat, and I’m in. Plus it’s made by the guys who brought us ShadowGate!

So it looks like we have to find out who the real murderer is in Deja VU, and chances are as of right now. It’s definitely us.




The game plays like the rest of the point and click games like this on the system. You hit the button of what you want to do in the area and click on it. Such as, look at something, take something, and so on.

The story line is a little wish washed when trying to figure out exactly what to do, but that adds a lot of fun to the game. No one wants to solve a mystery instantly.

This game doesn’t have the constant you could die meter like shadow gates Torches, or The Uninvited’s scare meter. You can get killed by random thugs and gang members on the street, but you can kill them too. Which can also be dangerous to your final mission. Sometimes, You can kill people and it doesn’t matter to. As long as you have the evidence to clear your name of the current crime.

Just like an Action Movie!!!

I like how they added in a lot of secret features in the game so you can’t lose.  Such as this Spoiler ALERT!!

If you run out of money, You can go back to the casino and there will always be a coin in the drop. You can use it over and over again until you have enough cash to take a taxi somewhere. Because in this title there is a lot of relocating to certain people’s houses and work places.


There are very few games like this on the NES. There are a few different styles of point and click games, but games exactly like this one are very far and in between. It’s exactly like Shadow Gate andThe Univited because they are by the same people. Princess Tomato is also like this game.  Then there are a few other games that sort of use this format when you go into buildings. The most famous being GOONIES 2, when searching for clues inside of buildings.

These titles are a lot of fun if you can grasp the idea of collecting things to use them in a different way than normal.

The Game ‘OVER’ ALL? (93%)

I really enjoy all styles of games, but Deja Vu was one of the three Kemco games I never got as a child. I always wanted it because I loved Shadow Gate and the Univited. It could have been because those two were Horroresque titles and there aren’t a lot of those back when; and Deja Vu was the the clip in Mystery Mystery- instead of Horror Mystery.

I was always a fan of the early computer titles as well. A lot of these will never see the light of day again, besides by one of us fan boys. But, the old point and click games are amazing. They sort of got lost in the frenzy of the new game world. The constant save points and loss of attention barrier in kids. It’s sad to see great things like this go to the way side. I remember only wanting an Nintendo 64 to play Shadowgate 64. Then once I saw the game play.. I think my heart collapsed, and it was the first REAL notion towards good game mechanics going to the awkward 3D future.

But, seriously. If you want a real challenge this is a game to play, and if you get stuck. I just so happened to beat it in this video you can watch.