#reactflix Final Cut: #IEatYourSkin (1964)


 I Eat Your Skin starts off exactly like the kind of movie you’d think it is and then immediately after the opening credits takes you on an entirely different journey. There is a bizarre vacation comedy feel at times that creeps in to the movie that confuses an already very busy plot. If you are looking for a gorefest or even a freak out kind of movie, you will not be getting that from this film.

 This movie combines a lot of different elements together, while it does a lot of things unconventionally that leaves it hard to follow at times. The music in this film is pretty standard low budget affair, I feel it didn’t take away from the movie and added enough to credit it for being there. I think where this movie carries itself best is in the islands “zombies”. I enjoy the creative makeup work done to bring life to these monsters, even in black and white they really stand out on screen.

This film is probably best left for the 60s Horror buffs who’ve seen everything else before this. There are just too many more important exploitation movies to get checked off your list.


#reactflix Final Cut: #Medusa (1973)


 I first struggled to find the right genre to place Medusa, I realized it’s probably best left in the Action/Drama section of mostly extinct video stores. The two standout characters in this movie are played by George Hamilton and Cameron Mitchell, both characters are barrels full of tough guy crazy!

To me the dialog and the “casual, happy, singing mob family” setting were the strongest points of the movie. The music rarely drove the movie and to me was lacking,. I don’t know if this is the best transfer you can find of this, but more than likely is, if you can overlook the dubbing issues and other production flaws this is still a very fun movie if you are just looking for something different.

While this movie is named Medusa they only ever seem to slip in different mentions of Greece through the movie to remind the viewers of the setting the movie takes place in, overall I think this movie would have done much better being marketed around the exploits of Hamilton’s psychotic playboy mafioso character “Jeff”.

I don’t think I could safely recommend this movie to anyone but if this has intrigued you, I think it’s safe to say you’ll know with in the first 15 minutes if you can handle the pace.


#reactflix Final Cut: Memorial Valley Massacre (1988)

While writing these reviews I will still not try to spoil too many major plot points even if I may have done so during the live tweets. I thought there was a good chance I’d find a movie in this box set that would become a new favorite with me. Look no further than Disc1 SideA for Memorial Valley Massacre.

The story that unfolds in this movie is pure insanity, the characters actions and dialog left me laughing and rooting for the chaos that unraveled. About half way through I had completely stopped caring what direction this film has, and yet was still engrossed in the story. The films terrible characters really make you dislike them, and the likable characters I found myself wanting to see avoid harm because of how they fit in to the story. This movie would fit well in between a triple feature of Summer Camp Nightmare (1987) and Sleepaway Camp (1983).

While this movie might not work for everyone, it left me fully entertained. I have my crowd of friends who enjoy the more strange horror movies, this will be one burned in to my memory to recommend. If you don’t take your horror movies seriously or like the feel of a movie that feels like a banned After School Special at times (especially with the music) I would highly recommend checking this movie out!


#reactflix Final Cut: Death Rage (1976)

death rage template

While I am familiar with several of Yul Brynner’s films, this movie I had never heard of or seen before. It’s a strange tale of an ex-mob hitman who finds out the identity of the man who killed his brother and travels from the US to Italy to avenge him. The majority of the story is Brynner’s character infiltrating a group of influential mobsters with a horse racing backdrop instead of other more typical “mob mansion” scenarios. This movie has a lot of the typical things you’d expect from a film in that era. The film is very vibrant, even when it was slow at times I still found myself enjoying the backgrounds and wardrobes of the era. The music is fun and helps provide a layer to the psychedelic tones of the film. While the action can be just as humorous as the dialog at times, the easy to follow revenge storyline made it easy to just kick back and enjoy.

If you are a fan of Yul Brynner or a 70s action/exploitation fan I’d say add it to your watch list.


#reactflix now on Bad or Rad Reviews!

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#reactflix is a live reaction movie review hashtag created by myself, I will be watching movies and reacting to them live via Twitter. I will post a short review here on the site called #reactflix: Final Cut.

The first two movies are Death Rage (1976) and Memorial Valley Massacre (1988), both of these are part of a 50 movie box set I was gifted several years ago. In this set are some movies I’ve seen, and some I haven’t. My plan is to try doing all 50 of these movies and see how things are from there. If no one seems to care about this I may never reach all 50 movies reviewed in this format.

I will be tweeting about the #reactflix days before they happen and look forward to anyone who wants to watch their own copies and tweet along or anyone who has seen the movie I’m watching to join along! Just please remember no spoilers, I am watching these movies without researching them (unless I have seen them before) and will be trying to give you the purest reaction I can to the movies I haven’t seen.

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