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Price = $ 5-20
Players = 1-4
XBOX360 and Nintendo WII
This 3-D cover explodes with all the things that you would have been excited for ten years ago. Skeletons, sharks, giant bugs, and GUNS splatter this zooming cover. But, what is this exactly?
Well apparently you are the only hero that can save the world when the movies come alive and start attacking the planet!
Now the back of the box does explain that it is a shooter and you’ll have survive/survive/survive, but if you have an untrained eye to the normal random back of the box pictures. You might not see that this game is a Rail Arcade Shooter. ( A rail shooter means, you don’t control the camera at all. You’re just hear to point and shoot)
P.S. Did i mention you get to wear 3-D glasses if you’d like?
Well at first this game seems really lame and honestly it is. It doesn’t really give anything new to the arcade rail Shooter world. (Rail shooter also means you DO NOT control your character) The graphics are pretty bad, the worlds don’t look that great for this generation, and some of the ways the enemies attack are impossible to stop unless you are playing multiplayer. (Which i doubt really helps that much)
Sidenote: This game is a lot easier on the WII than it is on the Xbox 360 since you can just point your WIImote at the television and fire. So the game play scored a 8/10 on the WII.
Rail shooters are generally meant for arcade play. There are some great ones out there. (Time Crisis, House of the Dead) This one isn’t in the top shop for your library. It does have some pretty quick achievements if you are going for some quick score, but other than that it’s not good at all.
WII- Most of the above is the same. This game isn’t really good, unless you just want another point and fire game to play with your friends.
THE ‘GAME OVER’ ALL? (40% for XBOX360  / 53% on the WII)
As far as i know there is no light gun for the 360 as of yet. Probably because Rail shooters like this one are pretty dead in the water. No one really wants to play arcade style games like this anymore unless you have a gun. The reticle moves horribly across the screen causing you to miss half of your shots, and makes you annoyed more then happy.
But, on the WII the game is kind of so easy that you don’t really care, and the system already has so many games like this already.
When playing it multi-player it was a little bit better. But, that was probably because more people making fun of the same bad thing, is a lot more fun. 
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

Price = $ 10-20
Players = 1-2
Xbox360, PS3, and PC
The cover of the game is an obvious fighting game. It’s got that ‘splash art’ of the characters as normal, but if you aren’t aware of what fighters generally look like, It could appear as anything to you.
When you turn the game over and check out the back, it explains everything pretty well. You will experience ‘Fantastic story’ lines. Strange that they may be. This game is very japanese, and if you aren’t used to the humor from across seas; you may be extremely annoyed with the goofy-ness of this game.
The game plays amazingly well. It’s a lot to learn at first, since this game is made by the team that brought us Guilty Gear.
If you’ve never played that series then this is a new 2D fighter experience for you. No more just jump kicking and tripping with a few special moves to tide you over. 
Unlike the classic 2d fighters where most the characters only had about 4-6 special moves. BlazBlue is infected with crazy moves for you to learn.
It’s play mechanics are quick and it flows nicely.
If you enjoy games like Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and King of Fighters this is a game for your library. It has great replay value, great multiplayer, and the online runs superbly. (If you are any good)
Like I said, if you love fighting games, this is perfect for you. OR-if you just love a lot of downloadable content.
Also, if you love that crazy Anime style comedy, the story mode of this game is very bizarre and hilarious.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 1
(bouncing boobies and panty shots.)

Murdered Soul Suspect


Game Price = Varies

For PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps 3 & Ps4

One Player

“The Hardest Murder to Solve is your Own!

Caught in the purgatorial world of Dusk, he must combine his investigative skills with powerful supernatural abilities to uncover the shocking link between his own death and a ritualistic killer leaving a terrifying mark upon the town of Salem.”


The box catches your attention with the giant word MURDERED! plastered across it, and the story line sounds pretty cool. Not often have I ever solved my own murder in a game. So, it sounds pretty interesting.

I’ll give it a shot.



The game starts out and you see yourself being murdered and waking up in purgatory.. Which the game doesn’t really say anything about if you didn’t read the box. You’re Dead. That’s the basis here.

The game is 3rd person. So you are watching your full character move around.

There is no map in this game that is available in the actual game, if you bought it new you could use the download code to see it, but it really isn’t needed that much unless you are collecting all the little tidbits of information. WHICH ARE EVERYWHERE!!! There are so many collectibles. Like holy shit… do I really have to collect all these.

The game controls pretty well. It’s your normal wander around and inspect things. Once you start an investigation the game tells you where to go and where to look for clues. Which are scattered around the room. But, once you have found all of them (or haven’t) you can attempt to end this part of the case. Which brings up a menu to select the parts that you’ve found to move forward. If you chose wrong… don’t worry you can try again. If you don’t have the right parts to close the part, you’ll have to find more parts in the room again.

And, since you are a ghost you can walk through most walls, unless they are white walls, in which you can’t. These are parts of the world that are blocked from you.

The only enemies in this game are Demons. Which move back and forth like a bad NPC. If you sneak up on them you can grab them from behind and kill them with a quick command that pops up on the screen. Other than that you just have to avoid Demon hands that are on the stage. So if you don’t like a lot of action in a game, this is perfect for you.


As far as a genre to place this in.. it’s more like an old Mystery game. Like your classic style Shadowgate (PC, NES) , or more recent styles like Heavy Rain (PS3).

It’s more of just wandering around and collecting things and using your brain to remember the case to select the correct parts of information to move forward. But, there is no penalty for forgetting what’s going on really. You get a lower detective rating for choosing wrong, which doesn’t effect the game play at all. So you could just slam through this and skip the whole story if you are just getting trophies or achievements.

The Game ‘OVER’ ALL? (76%)

My main problem with this title is that there really isn’t too many ways to die. The enemies they put in the game just seem to be there to slow down your progress. If one sees you, you have to run away and hide inside protective barriers. Which can take a lot of time off your clock of enjoying the  game. So it’s more annoying than fun.  If you kill them all with no problem then it just slows you down for a few minutes.

This normally isn’t a problem in the game, because you are looking for clues or talking to people or ghosts. But when you hear that scream.. you just kind of sigh… Here we go again.

But if you aren’t a big gamer and just want to experience a story. This is a good title for you. There aren’t really any big surprises in the title to make you wow’ed or anything. But, it’s fun to piece together the world. And if you really like a lot of background in your story. All the tidbits of information you pick up, paint a pretty cool picture of all the characters and back story.

If you weren’t dead.. All of this stuff probably would have been told to you as you played.

If you don’t like to read, which is most of the world these days. You probably didn’t get this far in the review. And if you did, and still don’t like to read. You most likely won’t enjoy this game, or you will skip all the background information and beat the game in like 4 – 6 hours.




Game Price = $19.99

(DLC GAME) for PC, PS3, PS VITA, xbox one, ps4, & Wii U

TWO player

In Guacamelee!, players control Juan as he fights his way across various enemies and obstacles in order to rescue El Presidente’s daughter. Juan can attack enemies using basic attacks and can perform various grapple attacks when they are stunned, dealing more damage or throwing them towards other enemies. Defeating enemies yields coins that can be spent at certain locations to unlock new grapple attacks or increase the player’s health and stamina gauges. As the player progresses through the game, Juan breaks various “Choozo statues” which grant him new abilities. These range from offensive moves, such as an uppercut, headbutt, and dashing punch, or abilities that increase Juan’s mobility, such as double jumping, wall jumping, and the ability to turn into a chicken. Juan also gains the abilities to transport between the land of the living and the land of the dead, required for solving puzzles or fighting enemies that can only be attacked in a certain world. Players can use these moves to access previously unreachable areas to find secrets, or break through barriers shielding enemies. The game (excluding the Vita version) also features a local co-operative mode, in which an additional player can play as Tostada. This mode can only be accessed after the introductory level.”


Honestly, I was amazingly surprised that this game was nothing like I though it would be at all. I downloaded it during it’s DL For FREE, on Xbox One just because it was free. Didn’t really look into it at all and figured it would be a silly wrestling game of some sort. Then after I decided to play it and looked at the story line, I was surprised to find out that it was a 2D platformer! And even better it was a huge homage to Metroid and Castlevania! The game will lose a couple points in this category only because I was being a normal human that isn’t going to read much about something that’s on sale or free. I think this game could get over looked very easily by not advertising heavily on it’s amazing positives.


The game play is spot on. I never expect too much out of games like this. There are usually jumping flaws and attack flaws everywhere. But not here! This game is crisp, and if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be able to get very far in it, because they spent a lot of time building puzzles that use each of your new power-ups. Needless to say. Flawless in this category.


I am happy to say that this game fits perfectly into the MetroidVania games. Which again, I wasn’t ready for at all.

The Game ‘OVER’ ALL? (93%)

From beginning to end this game has hundreds of homages to old series. Tons of remember this game jokes and images. Running around stopping at billboards and aztec sketches in the background will cause you to stop and smile, or scratch your head for a second trying to figure out exactly what the pictures are. Some of them are obvious and some of them are…. What the hell is… OH SHIT AWESOME! moments. If I wouldn’t have downloaded this for free, there was  good chance that I would have never played this amazing game. Once I booted it up, I seriously didn’t stop playing it until I beat it on regular mode. Then the next day, I booted up Hard mode and played straight through it again. Don’t pass up this amazing game if you are a fan of Metroid, Castlevania, an old school nerd, or if you’ve recently really enjoyed Shovel Knight.