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Here is the column where I just blab on about whatever, maybe draw a comic and post it, or just review the stores I like to swing through for goodies.

#reactflix Final Cut: Death Rage (1976)

death rage template

While I am familiar with several of Yul Brynner’s films, this movie I had never heard of or seen before. It’s a strange tale of an ex-mob hitman who finds out the identity of the man who killed his brother and travels from the US to Italy to avenge him. The majority of the story is Brynner’s character infiltrating a group of influential mobsters with a horse racing backdrop instead of other more typical “mob mansion” scenarios. This movie has a lot of the typical things you’d expect from a film in that era. The film is very vibrant, even when it was slow at times I still found myself enjoying the backgrounds and wardrobes of the era. The music is fun and helps provide a layer to the psychedelic tones of the film. While the action can be just as humorous as the dialog at times, the easy to follow revenge storyline made it easy to just kick back and enjoy.

If you are a fan of Yul Brynner or a 70s action/exploitation fan I’d say add it to your watch list.


Retro Sports Report #1: NBA Give ‘N Go

The Retro Sports Report is about highlighting the sports games that still hold up!

NBA Give ‘N Go (1995)


Konami’s NBA licensed home version of the non-licensed basketball arcade game Run and Gun.  There are many good things to be said about NBA Give ‘N Go, the graphics are easy on the eyes , the gameplay is very solid and the presentation is top notch. The versatility of gameplay options is great for both casual  and hardcore gamer alike, anyone looking for a great arcade gameplay experience with all the features you’d only expect to get out of a console developed sports game.


With a standard exhibition mode it also features a full 82 game season, or choose a shortened season mode with only 6, 28 or 52 games. It does not have a save battery, but it does have a password save system for continuing your season. The biggest setback to this game really is the lack of a save battery, having to use a save code for this game leaves it up to you to find a good way to store your password.

Roster edit mode is available to trade players and edit the NBA All-Star Teams. This is also where the two “original teams” the Shooting Stars and the Supreme Team are edited, which allow you to build your own dream team without altering the game roster to use in exhibition.

A great game solo, this game also caters up to four players in either co-op or competitive play. There is also an option of playing through season mode with up to 4 teams controlled by 4 human players.

In Arcade mode you select a team and play through 1995 NBA Playoffs, the only setback to historical lineup accuracy is the absence of Shaquille O’Neil and Charles Barkley because of their conflicting video game deals at the time.

The audio in this game is a constant reminder of its arcade roots, from the background music to the buzzer marking the end of a quarter. The energetic play by play announcer is another great part of the presentation that adds personality in the game with an array of quotable soundbites that you’ll be repeating alone or with friends after playing a few games.

I rank games on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the game that is so great it will never actually be made.

NBA Give ‘N Go 7/10

TLDR reasons:

+ Fun Arcade basketball for 1-4 players with home console perks!

– Lack of save battery, find a good place to keep those passwords!





Hey everyone!

It’s been a while again, because I’ve been working hundreds of trade deals, sales, and swaps, and buys, and and and and



I am down to the last 10% of NES (NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM) and the last 10% of SMS (SEGA MASTER SYSTEM) for CIB (complete in box) rating for American releases!

So, Very soon, I will be starting up a monthly video of what I’ve picked up, what I still need, and if you want to help out (Which would be ultra rad!).

But, for now. I just woke up, was pretty excited about it, and need to make some coffee before I go in to do my real job.

Brett –