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Where’s Waldo? NES


Price = $5-10  Box – 10-15$  manual – 1-5$
Players = 1
Unfortunately under the BadOrRad Reviews first rating system. The box isn’t lying about too much… other than…
“High Definition screens bring you all the details.”
WHAT?!? This is a loss of 3 points instantly. Some of the screens in this game prove that they could have spent no more than 5 minutes per screen creation.. If they would have taken a little longer, they could have made one where you actually find WALDO.
What do I mean? Well, if you’ve never played this version of Where’s Waldo, The actual screens where you locate him are some of the worst things on this console. They are worse than some of the bootleg games that never made it. Just awful.
To start the game play area. There really isn’t Game Play in terms of what is normal Game Play. But, if you are familiar with Waldo’s books, then you should probably be ready for what the game will probably be.
What it should be, as you would be prepared for, is some cool artistic landscapes that Waldo is hiding out in. BUT! It isn’t. It’s a slopped together screen with what almost looks like forgotten children’s fridge work, with the possible striped thing in the image being Waldo. But, most of them are not.
And guess what, You are timed in this game. And every wrong selection gets rid of your time. So you are searching through an image that you aren’t real sure what is supposed to be Waldo, so you have to guess several times at the possible striped things. (Some of the striped images of Waldo, DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE HIM!) 
After you have found Waldo a few times, You get to go to a screen that is black. (You are in a cave) You have a cursor you move around until Waldo walks through it. Then you hit the button and run him over to the other cursor. This Waldo, Looks like WALDO! Why doesn’t the rest of the… guhhh.. Well moving on.
You find Waldo a few more times and you come to a screen of pipes. You have to move this little arrow through the pipes to collect Waldo and his glasses. While this other fellah is jumping around randomly. If this fellow touches you, he eats your time away. REALLY? This is the only extra thing you could add to the game play to make it more frustrating?
Then you find Waldo a few more times in the slop screens, and the last part is you playing the Super Mario Bros 3 Card game (slot machine game). You get 3 waldos and you win.
There really isn’t a genre for this other than PUZZLE, but I’m going to rate it against the Great Waldo Search (The other Waldo NES game). In the other version you have actual Waldo Screens with artwork, and you actually have to find him, and the scroll, and some other things. Like the books! This version doesn’t have any of that.
There isn’t much more to say about this game. If you know what you are doing. You can pick Waldo out pretty fast, sometimes. But, other than that. I’ve pretty much told you that this sucks.
I loved the books as a kid. Finding things in cool artwork is always fun. I liked playing things like this. I even like Word Searches. I would have preferred if Where’s Waldo was just scrabble letters with the word WALDO in it, and I had to find his name among letters for 100 stages. That would be more fun than this.
But here Is the Video Playthrough Review.

The Addam’s Family- Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt



Price = $25-40  Box – 30-40$  manual – 5-20$
Players = 1
Passwords- YES
The artwork for the addam’s family on this box is amazing. I love it and I already love the Addam’s Family. SO I definitely want this game!
After reading the back it sound a bit similar to the other Addam’s family game where you are Gomez and you have to save the family, but it looks a lot different.
After the game boots up this is the version of the Addam’s family on Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo! I love this game!
The game play of this game is fairly simple, jump on stuff to kill them, just like Mario, but the large difference in this is you have to use some enemies as a double jump… Meaning. You can bounce on their heads to get farther up into the air or onto platforms you can’t jump to.
There really isn’t a learning curve for this game. It’s just searching all the family grounds to find A LOT of freemen and candy. The candy, after you grab so many, gives you extra life which is a cool concept. Normal concept, but pretty cool.
The only problem I have with this game, which is very slight, is when you jump on two enemies at once, you take a hit. Which really isn’t that big of deal, but it happens.
The game loses a point for having literally no music except in the opening credits and the finish credits. This was done because there is so much in the game, and I figure that with music playing the whole time it would give some terrible lag, and most the time, you might not even notice. I don’t unless I start humming the addam’s family song and then realize it isn’t there.
In the world of plat-formers, this game is amazing. There are a lot of games in this genre that are just terrible, and honestly, most the games by OCEAN are usually not very well tuned. They really spent some time with the game to make it work really well.
I really give as many thumbs up to this game as possible. I love the Addam’s family, and this is the best one on the NES console. It’s soooooo much better than the first game, and being completely unlike Fester’s Quest. (Which is more of an RPG)
Like I already mentioned, it has literally no music in the actual game play. The cover art shows Cousin it and Lurch, but the only time they show up in the game is in pictures on the wall. That doesn’t really effect the score at all, I’m just unsure as to why they would present them on the front, other than using a stock photo. Thing shows up under hint boxes, much like the Mario titles, and a lot of other games as time went by. (Jump underneath the box, get a hint for the stage area)
This game is fairly simple to beat once you know where everything is in the house, and there are amazing amounts of free 1UP’s to find.
One of the things I really enjoyed about this title is that it has hidden bosses. Each one of these hidden bosses is extremely important to making the game easier. Each one you kill (there are 3) will give you an extra hit.
So, if you can find this game for fairly cheap, or you just love the addam’s family. It’s the one to play on the NES!
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0

-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime


ESRB Rating = E for Everyone

Price = $10.00
Players = 1-2 (if you have 2 copies of the game and 2 ds’)
‘The 100 strong population of Boingburg has been slimenapped! Only you, Rocket, can uncover the truth behind this evil scheme and save your fellow slimes!
Stretch, spring, and shoot your way through this action-packed adventure set in the Dragon Quest world.’
At first glance this game looks amazingly cartoon-y in comparison to most Dragon Quest games that are very animeoriented (illustrated by Akira Toriyama, artist of Dragon Ball) in the first place. So if you are attracted to cute anime cartoon drawings in your decision on videogames, you would most likely pick up this title up, and give it a once over.
The description of the game is dead on. You are the only slime not captured by the baddies, and you are tossed directly into the first world to start collecting items, enemies, and your town folk.
This game’s interface is so easy to use that someone that’s never played a video game could pick this up and play it. I really enjoyed the simplicity and straight forward style of the game. If you love Super Nintendo style Blimp angle mode games likeChronotrigger, Zelda, or Secret of Mana, it’s set up just the same. But more along the lines of a Zelda style game.
You are the main weapon in the game, by holding down the button and slinging yourself at your enemies.That you can catch and use as weapons or toss them on the home transports to have copies of them back in your town. You can collect every item in the game by doing the same thing, and each item in the game is used for creating items for tank battles.
 What are tank battles? Well in the game you do end up getting into a lot of them to save more of your slime brethren and continue the plot line of the game. (It’s also the multi-player) Through out the game you come to hub bases that have Tank challenges. Where you get three slimes as helpers and the items that you have are used as ammunition to knock the enemy tank’s HP down to zero, for the win.
The only problem that I have is the game is so easy that i played through the entire game and didn’t die at all. The confrontation in the game is pretty much comparable to turning on the television. It’s really that easy.
Well if you purchased this game thinking this game is an turn based rpg it is not. In fact it’s far from it. This game is a Classic style Zelda clone kinda platformer. Still has the Dragon Quest world, monsters, and style. But it plays just like an easy version of zelda.
I highly suggest this game. It’s one the cheaper games on the system, it’s fun and easy, and if you can find someone else with the game the Tank battles are a lot of fun.
If you are a less experienced Gamer this is a perfect title for you to start with. The puzzles are easy to figure out, the enemies are easily defeated, and the learning curve is self explanatory.
If you don’t play games but your children have a DS and complain that their games are just too hard. This game is definitely for them.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

The Addam’s Family (Nes)


Price = 10-15$ (manual – 5$ box- 10-20$)

Players = 1


I love the Addam’s Family, and I always will. So I want to play this game.

It’s what usually happens with the Addam’s family. Someone wants their money, but this time someone has captured and hid the family around the property. Probably not the best place to hide them really.. I mean they are cooky and spooky for a reason. I’m sure they could get out themselves, but that doesn’t give you the role of Gomez, and saving them.. So let’s humor it a bit.


Well as a lot of NES games go. You really have no idea what to do other than play and figure it out. Sometimes you’ll find someone early and they will give you a clue as to what to do to save them, but not really direction at all.

The game is kind of glitchy. Like sometimes so bad that you have to start over, but usually only when you are trying to do something dumb. Like jump through the top of the screen or something you normally wouldn’t be doing.

The play mechanics are a bit odd sometimes. You have to make sure you press the jump button perfectly when trying to bounce on something or you could fall down a pit fall. Some of them don’t kill you instantly like most games, but it does hurt you enough to piss you off, and the ones that do kill you instantly are always in the most annoying places for them. But, that’s normal.

The hit boxes on the game aren’t spot on at all, you do get hit randomly while trying to hurt something, but that’s not completely out of the ordinary.



Well it’s a plat-former. So a lot of the normalcy of these titles are here. Jump on stuff to kill it, and gather up the goods to complete the game.

Unfortunately, a lot of the mechanics in this game were designed so poorly that you would like to punch something close to you. But, once you understand the poor mechanics, it’s not too difficult to figure out. A lot of dumb things happen in this game, which are funny when you are trying to mess the game up, but on a serious play through.. it’s obnoxious!

again the aforementioned bad areas of the game. Hit box problems are always a downfall to scoring.



While I’ve mentioned a lot of the downfalls of the game, it’s still fun to play. If you enjoy the Addam’s family games. This one is better than Fester’s Quest, but not quite as good as Puggsley’s Scavenger Hunt. (Not to be confused with the 16 bit games)


Ghosts and Goblins

Price = 10-15$ (manual – 5$ box- 10-20$)

Players = 1


Okay, this game looks pretty cool. You are a knight fighting demons. Usually plot line. Save the lady in distress.

Well first off the box kind of lies to you. You do not have 5 different types of weapons. You have one, and if you pick up another one, you have that one. You can wield 5 different types. But I’m definitely not armed with 5 different weapons.

It also says that I will find some friends? What friends? Everything in this game beats the shit out of you?

It’s the most frustrating fun ever!! Don’t lie to me box… where are my friends?


Despite how hard this game is, it does play really well for an arcade port to nintendo. A lot of these didn’t transfer well, or were so dumbed down that half the game wasn’t even there. This one does really well to keeping to it’s real form. Not perfectly by any means, but it plays really well on the NES. But, you can tell that this was a game that wanted your quarters.



This is, as most NES titles, a plat-Former. But it’s sort of different than most platformers. Mainly just because of it’s difficulty.

There are a lot of really hard games on the NES, and most people name the common ones that everyone owned. This gets tossed in there sometimes, but not often enough.


If you’ve ever played through this game, you already know that it starts over and you have to beat it again to get the actual ending. There were several games on the NES that did this sort of thing. A common one is BUBBLE BOBBLE. Except in that, you got to stage 99 and you could open a gate to the next 100 levels. So you had to play 199 levels to beat the game the correct way. You could still beat it though with the 100, you just didn’t get the real ending. Unlike that game. Ghosts and Goblins pretty much tells you.. yeah you got through it once, but can you actually do it again, and really save your lady friend? Good grief game!



The game lost some points with it’s box lies, but other than that, this is a must own on the console. It’s one of the most challenging titles, and should be in at least your top 20 favorites.

Usually the hardest ones always are.


Check out Steve Other taking it down.

GOONIES (Famicom)


‘The player controls Mikey. Mikey defends himself with a kick, bombs (whose explosions are instantly fatal to Mikey if he’s hit), and a slingshot (found randomly behind doors). Mikey can find diamonds, restoring his life meter to full if he collects eight. He can also find upgrades that protect him against various hazards such as a firesuit that protects against flames and a set of earmuffs that protect against the music notes cast out by one of the Fratelli brothers..’  (Borrowed from Wiki)

Reproduction PRICE = 30-40$  Famicom cart – 10$



Are you a Goonies fan? Well this cover says, Now you can play Goonies on your Famicom!!

But, what about us in America? Nope, we got Goonies 2, which wasn’t really about the movie at all, just another version of what a sequel could have been like. But We don’t need to talk about Goonies II yet.

Now I loved the Goonies movie and I love Konami, so this game has to be awesome.


After starting up the game and playing it a bit. This game is pretty cool. You have to kill enemies to get bombs, which open the doors through out the stage. Behind the doors are keys to get to the next stage, weapons, life ups, and A goonie per stage. You have to get the 3 keys and the Goonie to progress to the next area.

There are hidden items though out the game in random areas. These items give you no indication that they are there. But, if you do find them they are amazing helps in the game. They prevent the random falling obstacles in the game from hurting you. Basically it keeps any Environmental damage from happening.

To find them, you just kind of have to be lucky and push the right direction or attack where they are. They pop up and they add to your inventory.



Now I had played Goonies II long before I ever knew there was a GOONIES 1 to play. It plays a lot like the second one but with huge differences.

This one is a plat-former that is programmed really well, and is a lot more basic. You attack stuff with a kick unless you can find a slingshot behind a door. You get so many shots with the slingshot. You can kill everything in the game except the Fratelli brothers. They just got knocked out for a second and have a seizure on the ground. You can sometimes kick them down a hole to not have to deal with them anymore. But, they will chase you around the stage constantly if you let them.



Now if you can find all the power ups in the game. This game is extremely easy, but finding them all takes some time. There are one or 2 on each stage. You can beat the game without them of course, but you have to be a lot more careful and take a lot more time avoiding things.

There are no continues in this game, so if you lose all your lives it’s back to square one. All those Goonies saved are back behind doors.

I really wish I would have had the chance to play this as a kid. I think it would have made it in my top NES games to boast about at school. But, unfortunately it just never made it to America for whatever reason.

Now it did make it to America on PLAYCHOICE arcade machines, and a couple of it’s on single arcade machines. But, that would have been the only way we would have been able to play it.

Play Choice Arcade

Regular arcade


There are some images of those, and here is a playthrough.