#reactflix Final Cut: #IEatYourSkin (1964)


 I Eat Your Skin starts off exactly like the kind of movie you’d think it is and then immediately after the opening credits takes you on an entirely different journey. There is a bizarre vacation comedy feel at times that creeps in to the movie that confuses an already very busy plot. If you are looking for a gorefest or even a freak out kind of movie, you will not be getting that from this film.

 This movie combines a lot of different elements together, while it does a lot of things unconventionally that leaves it hard to follow at times. The music in this film is pretty standard low budget affair, I feel it didn’t take away from the movie and added enough to credit it for being there. I think where this movie carries itself best is in the islands “zombies”. I enjoy the creative makeup work done to bring life to these monsters, even in black and white they really stand out on screen.

This film is probably best left for the 60s Horror buffs who’ve seen everything else before this. There are just too many more important exploitation movies to get checked off your list.


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