#reactflix Final Cut: #Medusa (1973)


 I first struggled to find the right genre to place Medusa, I realized it’s probably best left in the Action/Drama section of mostly extinct video stores. The two standout characters in this movie are played by George Hamilton and Cameron Mitchell, both characters are barrels full of tough guy crazy!

To me the dialog and the “casual, happy, singing mob family” setting were the strongest points of the movie. The music rarely drove the movie and to me was lacking,. I don’t know if this is the best transfer you can find of this, but more than likely is, if you can overlook the dubbing issues and other production flaws this is still a very fun movie if you are just looking for something different.

While this movie is named Medusa they only ever seem to slip in different mentions of Greece through the movie to remind the viewers of the setting the movie takes place in, overall I think this movie would have done much better being marketed around the exploits of Hamilton’s psychotic playboy mafioso character “Jeff”.

I don’t think I could safely recommend this movie to anyone but if this has intrigued you, I think it’s safe to say you’ll know with in the first 15 minutes if you can handle the pace.


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