Arcade Legacy Cincinnati Ohio Review!

Contact Information For Arcade Legacy

  • (513) 874-8766
  • 662 Cincinnati Mills Dr
  • Cincinnati, OH 45240
NEIGHBORHOODForest Park/Fairfield

Price = $10.00 for all day

$5.00 an hour

$0.00 to visit the shop and buy things!


Arcade Legacy is owned Operated by Jesse Baker, and his team, in the Forest Fair Village Mall (, in Cincinnati Ohio.


As you walk passed the store front, (depending on which side you’ve entered the mall) your eyes will be answered with an amazing amount of video games on display (that are for sale), or witness folks playing a DDR machine with a plethora of upright arcades that go as far as you can see!

As you turn the corner, and are welcomed with a friendly, “Hello!”, that’s hard to pay attention to because your ears haven’t adjusted passed the sheer visual; of the amount of possibilities offered to your senses.

You pause……  swallowing that drooling saliva, basking in your gob, and soon realize that the man behind the counter is still talking.

“Have you been here before? Do you know how the store works?” He asks you.

These are questions that finally register in your nerd-gasmed brain.

You respond, finally, after taking a few cumbersome breaths, “I am not sure at all good sir!” The smile across your face speaking to the ages, you know what you want.

The ever so pleasant man behind the counter responds, “Well it’s five dollars if you want to play for an hour, ten dollars if you want to play all day.. Unless you are just shopping, then have at it friend!”

You don’t care about buying anything yet. So you quickly respond. “I’ll do the five dollars and check this place out!”

“Well, We will need a form of ID to hold for you, just in case you need to run out to your car or the restroom, any other employees will know you have already paid. That way we can also see how long you were here. But, if you choose to play all day. We will give you an arm band, so everyone knows you are here for day.” Retorts, the friendly, counter man.

You reach for your wallet in due haste, clumsily, and excited beyond all measure. You hand him the ID and your entry money.. and the rest is undeniably, the best time you could have had.


 I can’t name any business, that does the amount of possibilities, this store has to offer. So, I’m going to keep this category very short.

Like that short.


 The first time, I personally entered the store, was merely to sell and to shop. But once I had ventured into the gaming area, and had the understanding of how everything worked; I was astonished; to say the least.

Not only did I have the opportunity to play any system that was available in the store; mind you; any game that the store had for sale! But! Also, had the options of Pinball machines, arcade machines, DDR machines, table top tables, places to play card games with pals, and systems ran through projection monitors.. ALL SET TO FREEPLAY! (Free play means, NO QUARTERS!)

Now, I thought to myself, there is no way that all of this is available for such a great price. There has to be a catch of some sort. So, I attempted a test of my own.

I asked the man behind the counter.

‘Can I trade stuff into the store and use my credit to play all day?’

He responded to me with a smile, ‘You sure can.’

I was thwarted.. So, I thought of another question to stump him.

‘Well what if I wanted to have a birthday party for my kids, or friends to come play all day?’ He responded, ‘Of course you can, Just make sure you set up an appointment.’

Thwarted again.. I schemed to stump him once more.

‘What if I bring my own games in to play with my friends?’

He smiled once more, ‘We don’t have any problems with that, just let us know that it’s yours before you walk back to a system and start playing.’

They thought of everything… I thought to myself, as I said, ‘thank you’ and walked into the arcade.


It can’t go wrong, when I, and you can play anything we want to play!!!


 Now myself, I am a connoisseur of videogame related anything, and have quite a vast collection of knowledge and games. I have worked in seven different video game stores and can tell you, that there has never been one that offers so many possibilities.

I have lived in the Tri-State area for most of my life, and can reference a few arcades that have been in existence or just are in existence, if you catch my meaning.

Showbiz pizza was probably the best arcade that was around. But, it was later changed into a family fun center, known now, as Chucky Cheese by the Dayton Ohio Mall. These both, had an amazing arcade for a while, but were soon all converted over to tickets based games. These tickets would purchase you trinkets, if you didn’t get, you know, Twenty THOUSAND!! for something you’d actually not mind having.

Also at one point, in the same area, was MALIBU. They had a go kart track and a very large arcade. They had events for new games that were coming out in the mid 90’s. I recall going there to play Mortal Kombat 2 the day it was released. But, as time passed, it closed a few years later. This location also had tickets for junk.

There was also SPARE CHANGE inside the Dayton mall, while being a nice stop in for a bit, was all about purchasing coins, getting tickets from family games, and buying worthless trinkets. (Such as, things that went on the end of your pencil… That didn’t erase…. Why?)

There were quite a few arcades in malls at the time, but none of them had that much in them. A lot of claw machines that you could find at any department store, and broken machines that were always ‘Out of Service.’ Generally, in all these older locations. If you saw an Out Of Service sign. That machine never worked again.

Later on, Dave and Buster’s opened up. A fun center more set up for large parties, and the ‘FUN’ area was all about new style arcade gimmicks. At some point in life, I’m sure I would have been excited to play interactive robots while sitting in one, or interactive boxing. But, those sort of things are only fun for a little while. And side; bar stop coin machines, basketball, and skee-ball are only fun for about 10 minutes. There is never the type of atmosphere you want to have with your friends. It just always seems like the type of place your parents would take you to ‘keep you busy’ while the ‘grown ups’ had a beer.

There have been a lot of similar places like Dave and Buster’s opening up, but after one visit, there is never really a reason to go back there. Unless you are a person that is hip to gimmicks. Cough Cough… Laser Tags.. cough cough.

But, I’ve slightly strayed from my point to make my point. After working in an amazing amount of video game related stores. (I won’t name them, but it was all of them but one, that still exists.) Never once was there the amount of available product, mixed with the amazing amount of consoles/ arcade machines to play. AND, All for such a low price of admission. Allow me to paraphrase myself. Never once was there a store that did all of this in one place…. Ever.

Just a short list to get my point across more directly.

-Videogames from all platforms






-Imported videogames

-Drinks and snacks

-Occasional oddities like Vinyl and Laser Disk


-Oh yeah, Pinball machines and Arcades

I think that drives the point a little bit better, for the sales aspect, without the play anything you want aspect.


 Here are some examples of why this store gets 100%, if you haven’t gotten it yet.

1)    I, being a walk in customer, have never been accepted in so many levels of gratitude.

2)    I’ve made a lot of friends with people that are into the same things I am. This is a major part of being a gamer. Without friends to play with, you are what all the people in the world ungratefully plague you with.

3)    I’ve had unending amounts of fun at this store, and will continue to do so.

4)    The amounts of trade in credit are astronomical in comparison to other local stores you’d sell your old stuff to. If I had mentioned before, Arcade Legacy does Cash or Credit. Credit of course being a higher amount than Cash Moneys.

5)    The prices are less than what all other stores, and the internet are asking.

6)    There are weekly tournaments and podcasts you can go join into.

7)    Everyone at the location is amazingly friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell. And if they aren’t familiar, are ready to look it up for you on the internet, or find someone in the store that is versed in your question.

8)    In any normal arcade, you’d be weighed down by your laundry tokens in your pocket, that if; you were planning on staying for a while, would spend far more than ten dollars. So, the entry price is perfect.

9)    The amazing amount of everything else I’ve already mentioned.

10)    And, finally.. If you are looking for something and you can’t find it. The staff are willing to help you out. They may know someone in the area that has what you are looking for, or will look up a price range you would have to spend to get it. Now, I know we all have the internet at our fingertips, but these guys are professionals; and know a lot more places to check that you may not know exist.

So why should you go check out this location?



  • 8/15/2013


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