Hello Everyone.

We’re back!  (not like the dinosaurs)

Our review standards.

1. What does the box tell us this game is. (possible 10 points)
2. How is the game’s actual Game Play. (possible 10 points)
3. How does this game live up to it’s genre of games/ Does it really have one? (possible 10 points)
4. The game over all, between the above listed 1-3. (Our conclusion to the game and it’s averaged score)

How it works.

Each category gets a possible 10 points. So the game can achieve 30 over all points. This is based into a Grade Point average. Occasionally, with newer titles.. we may add achievements, trophies, and the like for a separate non average grade.

and as all games should have, arbitrary non affecting points for sexual intent, gore, and just awesome-ness.

Our Main reviewers

Brett Prescott

Steve Other

Soon to come.
-lot’s more reviews
-Video play throughs
-More Systems
-More FUN!

Check back, follow us, tell your friends.

If you have games you’d like us to review, let us know, and we’ll see if we can get a copy of the game.

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