Fortress of Fear – Wizards and Warriors X

Price = 1-3$

Players = 1



 The Box does not lie to you.. but it does as the other ones do. Barbarian on the front.. Guy in Armor in the game. I never understood why they did this in all the titles. But, I can’t complain at something I already knew, but maybe you would. It’s a lie isn’t it?
As Wizards and Warriors titles go. You are always in pursuit of Malkil, the evil wizard. Who even though you’ve thwarted many times.. he somehow just keeps coming back. But, If you’ve played the other games, you know what’s going on.
Okay. Kuros’ jumping ability is beyond any man in armor, but that’s not really a problem.. except for all those places where if you aren’t at the; so close to falling down a hole; jump’s end. These things are in a lot of older titles and we are all familiar with them. But.. If you aren’t, you will hate this aspect in your future of going back into the old titles of the world.
Kuros has three separate attacks in this game which is a bit weird, because he doesn’t in the NES titles. You can hold up/attack and he will strike from head to toe, regular attack (normally in the games), and the ever hilarious squat and thrust attack (which is normal).
 Now, while attacking things some of them die instantly while other ones give out a weird HUMMM noise. Which means you hit them, but they aren’t dead yet. This same noise happens when you get hit sometimes which is confusing as to whether or not you are winning. I hate this, and so will you.
On a bad note.. there is no continues in this version of Wizards and Warriors, but there are plenty of places to get some quick lives.
On another bad note… You don’t keep the items you pick up, like in every other Wizards and Warriors either. So, when you open a chest with a key, you can use the item for as long as you are alive. Not really that big of a deal, but if you miss a jump and die.. Too bad.
third bad note. .. There are keys in the game which unlock chests.. As you get farther you also need them to leave the area you are in. Well, the other games have color coded keys, so you know which one goes to what. In this title all the keys work in everything, So if you’ve wasted one on something and need to leave the stage.. Well… You are stuck there, and have to die to have the key re-spawn. This (enter explicit language)!!!!!
Well.. as all plat-formers go. Run, jump, attack, avoid, kill. Fortress of fear has all these elements, and uses them pretty well for a handheld game. And honestly, this forward progressing version of Wizards and Warriors is still better than WW2 or WW3. Not that they are bad games. This one is just more true to the original title on NES.
But, I’ll add that the way that Kuros jumps isn’t really good for a forward progess platformer. It slows down the game when you are trying to see the future area and make a jump that doesn’t look possible. You can make it. You have to just have those leap of Faiths.
The last sort of annoying thing is the hit boxes. If you get hit by something you can’t block or attack, it destroys your health. This sort of thing always makes me angry while playing something. Things should hit you once, not three times in passing. But, You deal with stuff like this in the classics, and it makes you better at the next game!
I’m not sure why this is the tenth chapter. I know there are quite a few PC titles, but there aren’t quite Ten stories. Maybe Akklaim was hoping for a huge long series of titles? I don’t know really, but I will say the midi files (music) in the game is still pretty awesome.
It’s no where near better than the original title, but it’s pretty good for a game boy title. They didn’t try very hard at making perfect Game Boy titles, and you run into some games that are just unplayable and have a familiar name, Or they move sooooooo slow you want to sleep while playing it. I’m sure you can name a few if you played GameBoy in your life…. cough cough… Castlevania Legend.. cough…
Final note. This game is extremely inexpensive. So it’s definitely worth a play for a couple bucks.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

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