Zombies Ate My Neighbors




Price = 20-30 bucks

Players = 1-2 co-op
‘Will? these crazy kids survive the night? You can fend off the freaks with a virtual candy counter of weapons like uzi squirt guns, exploding soa pop, bazookas, weed wackers, and ancient artifacts. Also grab power ups-o-rama like secret potions and bobo clown decoys. Use your civtim radar viewer. DOES THIS GAME EVER END?’ -one of 6 paragraphs from the box
The cover of the game just looks like an old horror movie which makes me interested instantly, and once i turn the game over and does a perfect job of explaining every single thing you are in for in this game. It actually has a WHAT, WHO, WILL, WHERE, PLAY, and basic overview.
And after putting the game in, it explained it to perfection.
This game is an updated version of Alien syndrome. You select between two characters. A punk rock teenage boy with Billy Idol hair and old school 3D classes, or the Bad A– teenage girl.
The game instantly starts you out in a regular neighborhood scene with zombies everywhere, 10 neighbors to save (which is every level depending on if any die), and a stock pile of weapons and items all over. Your goal is to just save the 10 neighbors, but you can explore the entire stage and stock up on goods this game does have 55 levels of TERROR.
The game functions perfectly in single player but does have it’s small flaws with co-op, but it’s no different than every other co-op game back in the day. The game mapping only lets the screen load from character to character, meaning if you’re on one side of the screen/not moving and i’m trying to run the other way the screen will stop on your character. This sometimes causes you to get whooped on by stuff not quite in the play area of your screen yet. Which as a classic gamer, I’m used to this problem, but if you’ve never played old co-op games this is annoying.
The HUGE problem with this game is the control scheme, unless you have the 6-button sega genesis controller which I highly recommend you have anyway for all the games. But lets say you don’t. If you just have that basic factory packaged 3 button pad, you have to press two buttons (like A and B) at the same time to switch your inventory weapon, or (B and C) to switch your health/secondary items. This is a problem if you are getting bombarded with enemies because you can waste stuff on accident if you didn’t hit them perfectly. The easy fix is the 6 button pad because you can just push (X or Y) to instantly change them and not have a problem.
Other than those small details this game is amazing.
I love top down adventure games and this one is one of the best ones I’ve ever played. If you found yourself playing a lot of Gauntlet in the arcade, this is an amazing upgrade. If you just want a great old game to play with a buddy, this is the game to start with.
From beginning to end this game is a monster pile of fun. Every stage is loaded with goods, you get passcode every 4 stages if you find yourself dying a lot of need a break from the mayhem, and it’s probably one of the most fun multi-player games on the system.
This is a must own for the Sega- Genesis.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 1
(for exploding monsters)
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Shooting Gallery



PRICE = $2-5

PLAYERS = 1 to 2
REQUIRES = Light Phaser
‘Do you have what it takes to last through four incredibly intense Shoot ’em up games?
A Sharp eye? Steady hand? Split second-timing?
Let’s hope so, because that’s the only way you’ll survive the Shooting Gallery. ‘
Well pretty much every Master system cover art is just plain horrible, but you do in fact shoot this duck in the game. So it gets a little bit of the box across, and it is telling you what the game is, so it does get some credit.
The back of the box says the same thing in a few different languages and has a few screen shots of what you will be shooting in the game with your uncomfortable Light Phaser.
Now-a-days, you know.. going backwards in game time, this game is really trying to catch your attention with it’s do you have what it takes exclamation. We will over look that because we all love light gun shooters right?
As soon as you start the game, and have your Phaser in hand, you get a screen with letters on it to shoot your initials in. I thought that was pretty cool, for a game this old, even though it doesn’t really save the score. It was still a neat add on.
Then you are instantly tossed into level one followed by four more levels if you were a good enough shot. Not too many older games had a lot of different levels to shoot things, (Such as duck hunt) so i enjoyed being able to blast bullets at different things.
The game registers shots perfectly and I had a lot of fun playing this.
As I said before the game registers all your shots perfectly. I mean it’s always easy when you are too close to the television, but when i was as far back as the wire would let me, it still picked up shots well.
This is a straight forward light gun game. There wasn’t any story or anything, but most light gun games really don’t have one. So it lived up to what i knew i was getting into.
There’s not too much you can get out of old light gun games except a little nostalgia, but if I was in the mood to just blow away my old scores or my friends, i could probably play this game for quite a long period of time.
I loved playing all these light gun games as a child, and i still enjoyed it now, but the lack of more scenes kind of knocked me into a bored state pretty fast.
Though if i had someone else at the house playing it with me, i know i would have had a lot more fun sitting down with this game.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0
(Duck death and explosions.)
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Blues Brothers



Blues Brothers

Price = $ 30-40
Players = 1-2

“cruise along with Jake and Elwood, those all time rhythm’n’blues men in this crazy platform game, an explosive mix of adventure, comedy, and music.

Back by popular demand, the blues brothers are out to conquer the stage one more time. To an upbeat rhythm you set off across town… bit it ain’t that easy. You’ve got to escape from prison, swim through the catacombs, and shoot to the upper heights of the big city before you can start the concert. Creating chaos and confusion , you encounter Charlie, the crazy cop, and horatio, the dealy spider… get ready to play the blues!

They sent the police into a panic. They whipped the crowds into a frenzy. They redefined rock n roll music, and now.. they’re ready to do it again.”



Well the cover looks promising, a lot of action going on, chasing after the blues brothers. The back of the box promises a lot of action adventure platforming.

Now.. when you start the game you’ll be confused, as the box says, at why you have no attack. You have a run fast option, which you will learn is the only way to get passed impossible jumps later on. But, right now, on the first stage, this game doesn’t make much sense at all. There are green spikes moving around the screen to avoid and elevator platforms that break if you stand on them too long.

The only attack I could find in the game was if you are lucky enough to have an egg drop from a bird or spider in the right place for you to run into it, so it sill strike something else. (which gives you an extra hit of damage, if you didn’t get killed trying to do it) As it turns out, Jake and Elwood can only run fast.


Well as I just mentioned, there is virtually no attack worth wasting your time on. So the game is pretty much just avoid everything to the best of your abilities, though in some locations you can jump on a dog and ride it to kill an enemy, while in some areas it would take about ten minutes just to get the dog across the screen to kill the enemy. So, you can get passed it quicker just by getting hit.

Getting off ladders and climbing things in this game is sort of obnoxious. You have to jump off the climbable things just right or you will sacrifice a hit.

There are a few areas you can get some 1ups/extra health, but most the time isn’t really worth the time and effort, unless you’ve played the game a few times and understand the ways of movement.


There are a lot of platformers on Nintendo that are just amazing. This is not one of them, and unfortunately it wasn’t a highly printed game. So, it’s sort of expensive to find or to purchase. And the price tag on it is definitely not worth it’s poor game play.


I had played this game briefly before and never turned it back on. I was asked to beat this on a local vodcast at Arcade Legacy and stepped up to the challenge. After wanting to break things for a few days, I got the game mechanics down pretty well, but I can easily say after this play through for my own reviews site. I will never play this title again.

arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0

-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Check out the video play at





Price = $ 2-5
Players = 1-2

“The most realistic baseball game outside of a ballpark!  It’s the bottom of the 9th. You’re at the plate. Here comes the pitch. You swing, It’s a smash deep into center field! A home run! It’s Nintendo Baseball. A game so real you’ll think you’re in the majors. You control the swing against a computer opponent or challenge a friend. Nintendo’s state of the art graphics and realistic game play will have you really believing you’re playing baseball. Just add peanuts, popcorn, and crackerjacks for the time of your life!”


As all black box, and a couple other, Nintendo games go. The screen shot on the cover of the box is always a picture of the game play. Now an original sports game usually doesn’t promise much in the aspect of realistic anything. You can pick between like 7 teams that are all labeled a letter. Which is fine, I don’t really care who the players are. But, to say that I will feel like I’m really playing baseball? I know they mean that it will feel like I will actually be playing baseball in real life. As the case goes, I am actually playing baseball. Kind of silly wording, but really nothing to cause a problem with the score.


Once the game starts, you’ve selected your team, and the first pitch comes in. You have very minimal things you can do. You can practice swing and move about the batter’s box. But, the batting is all timing as it should be, but after you hit the ball. There is no way to run faster, but you can steal and get in a pickle and continue to steal all the bases, because the computer will continue to toss the ball back and forth. Occasionally they will chase you down for a tag out, and the man with the ball runs about forty percent faster than you.

The fielding in the game is pretty easy if it’s a ground ball or line drive, but if the ball is hit into the outfield, the game just kicks you in the teeth. If you don’t catch it or stop it instantly, you have to drudge across the field in slow motion, and sometimes the other outfielder will get there before you. Which is obnoxiously, annoying.



Being the first baseball game on the console, it didn’t set a huge mark for best ever. Which could explain the amazing amount of baseball games on the console, but baseball is huge in America and Japan. So, since most Nintendo games were produced in Japan, it could explain a large case in why there are soooooo many.


The game falls into a pretty accurate grade range. A low D, is about where I would say this game should be even after playing it a lot as a child. Once bases loaded, legends of the diamond, or Baseball stars came to the market. I can say that my copy of Baseball just sat on the shelf.

arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0

-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Check out the video play at




Kung Fu

Price = $ 5-10
Players = 1-2

‘Kung FU! Kick, jump and punch your way to victory in…. KUNG FU!
You’ll need lightning fast reactions to knock out the knife thrower, stop the stick fighter, and trip up the evil Tom Tom brothers in this action packed martial arts contest! Are you sure you’re tough enough? Because it’ll take all your strength and skill to master the moves in KUNG FU, beat your opponents and rescue the fair Sylvia who’s held captive on the top floor! The action is non stop, and just when you think you’ve got your enemies licked there’s always a Giant, a Snake, or a fire breathing Dragon to contend with in… KUNG FU!’


The cover shot of Kung Fu is just a screen shot from the game, and in the bottom corner it tells you that you should be ready for action! The back of the game tells you pretty much what you need to know. You will be doing all of these things. I was confused at the Giant.. but then I realized that it meant that George Foreman looking guy. So, thumbs up!


This game plays really well. It doesn’t have many mechanics other than what the box says. Kick, Jump, and punch. Basically avoid your enemies as long as possible or beat them up so they fall off the screen.


Kung fu kind of set a president for street brawlers in my opinion. It’s 2D of course and there were a lot of these out in the arcades at the time. But, If you never got to visit too many arcades. This is a great Brawler. After you beat the game it starts right back over and is more challenging. There is also another game mode which is more difficult if you are that kind of gamer!


Now the only complaint I would think would come to mind with the game is that it is short. But, as a child I would play this game for hours and enjoy it. It’s sort of difficult for beginners, but you’ll learn it quick!

arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0

-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Check out our Play Through at


A boy and His Blob



Price = $5-10

Players = 1


‘Help Save Blobolonia: Blob has come from the distant planet blobolonia in search of an earth boy to help him save his world. Join him on this fantastic adventure in mysterious caverns beneath the earth searching for treasures. Then travel to Blobolonia to battle the evil emperor.

Discover Blob’s amazing appetite for jellybeans, and the different transformations that occur with each flavor. Learn to use these shapes to overcome even the most outrageous obstacles.

A boy and his blob is a fantastic journey filled with constant surprises and humorous characters.’





This isn’t a very striking image on the front of the box. It looks like something a child may like, but the game sounds fairly interesting. Use a blob to get through the game? Sounds kind of rad.

After reading the entire back and understanding what I am in for, it sounds like a lot of fun.





The game’s mechanics are a lot like a well tuned version of Pitfall. You move about the same, but Harry never had an accomplice to help him out. And the blob surprisingly follows you pretty well. They though far enough ahead that if you lose the blob down a hole you can toss him a jelly bean and he will fly out, and if you lose him completely you can toss one down and he will appear. They really set this up well.

But.. sometimes the game glitches out here and there. Nothing terrible that ruins game play, but it can be annoying and sometimes hilarious.

Side note: There is a glitch that let’s you beat the game in about 3 minutes.




Umm.. this really doesn’t have a genre per say. It kind of falls into a puzzler, but isn’t like a tetris or shadowgate. They kind of built their own thing with this. Which gets a lot of my respect.





I got this game as a child for Christmas when I wanted a copy of Mega Man II. So you can guess that I wasn’t too happy with the bearded fat man, but as all children would, I sat down and gave it a go. It’s very much like The Legend of Zelda in the way that it tells you absolutely nothing about what you need to do, or where to go.

After a lot of play, and as you can see in my playthrough, I figured out the ways of A boy and his Blob.


Note: You don’ t really need any of the treasures. Just the jelly bean bag I grab in the video. J



 arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0 bonus points


Check out Our play through here!

SplatterHouse Wanpaku Graffiti



Price = $30-50 for the cartridge/ add in some extra dough for the box/manual

Players = 1


‘The Feeling that can only be truly achieved when touching your kidnapped lover again after you have been drenched with the fluids of a thousand creatures. Dripping with muscle tissue, soaked down to your skin in mucous from crushing the skull of a zombie with your bare hands. You embrace the love of your life. This is true love.’






Upon looking at this box art, I’m instantly interested, and after turning it over. I’m wow’ed by the ridiculous story line that really doesn’t tell me anything but Mayhem! Which we gamers love right?

The images of game play leave a lot the imagination, but I can see a lot of crazy looking monsters and a pentagram of some sorts. So, I’m in.






When you boot up the title you get a little movie of a girl crying at a grave. The grave busts open and there is your character shaking death off. AWESOME! Then the grave next to him bursts open and a jack-o-latern comes out and steals your weeping girlfriend. Awe man..

Then straight in to the fight we go. Monsters, creatures, demons, galore, pop up from everywhere with a lot of homages to a lot of horror movies.

The game plays like an old school brawler. Sort of like Kung Fu but with an axe, and there is a little platform style stuff in it.

But, some of the boss fights are a little obnoxious. A lot of repeating dodge things from the sky while you fight something.




I figured that splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti would be reminiscent of the later titles I had played before, and the chibi style animation was a lot of fun. The game plays very well other than the few annoying things that are in all these games to test your patience. But, the cool thing in the game is, as you play and kill things the more life you can accumulate. That’s pretty Rad if you ask me.





As I said in the video this is a reproduction cartridge made by a fan and released through websites on the internet. You aren’t going to find a copy of this down at the retro store.. Unless they carry these sorts of games. You can usually get them made for a decent price if you want to play them. Or you can always get a Famicom system and import the title!

I’d like to thank Wal’R’Us Games for making the box for me. You can check him out at www.UncleTusk.Com



 arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 20 bonus points

(For a middle finger,  gore gore gore, and some side boob!!)


Check out the Playthrough!

Deadly Towers


Price – about 3 dollars
Players – 1
‘On the moonlit eve of his coronation ceremony, pensive Prince Myer sits at the lakeside to ponder the future of the kingdom. Suddenly, a shadowyKami called Khan rises from the lake and coalesces into the form of a man. Although he doesn’t identify himself, the figure greets Prince Myer by name, and informs him that the wizard, Rubas, the “Devil of Darkness”, is preparing to overtake Willner Kingdom by using seven magic bells capable of summoning an army of monsters.

To ensure peace, Khan says, Prince Myer must travel to the northern mountain to burn the Seven Bells in the sacred flame, burn down the seven bell towers in Rubas’ magic palace, and, ultimately, defeat Rubas himself.’




This game looks sweet, and this guy looks like a bad ass from the depths of Robert E. Howard’s brain. Let’s flip it over and read the back. Sounds like a pretty cool game other than these magic bells or whatever, but hey let’s get this.

Well after the first five minutes of play… I have no idea what I’m doing, and the only thing that lives up to the cover art is the helmet, sorta, and the sword. This guy doesn’t look anything like the Bad ass on the cover, and the game so far has nothing to do with the plot line, i think, other than the bell collecting from Bosses..




Well this game, though looked awesome from the box art, plays like a really bad zelda rip off. Now, my main problem with the game isn’t it’s ungodly difficult everything, it’s that every time you get hit by a monster/baddie you bounce like a quarter of the screen. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t constantly make you fly off the first tower you are on and die. (Dieing causes you to lose any of the money you’ve accumulated back to 50 and if you bought anything it’s gone, unless you equipped it)

The second problem is that instead of using your sword, you throw one from your constant supply of swords. Now that doesn’t sound to bad at thought, but you can only throw one at a time. And, maybe that doesn’t sound too bad either, other than every single enemy in this game takes about 5-300 hits to kill. Everything, even the blue blob that just moves up and down on the screen in front of you.

The third part wrong with the game is that you are so bombarded with normal villains that you die constantly. You only start with 100 HP, but everything hits you with the power of a boss, so you are constantly getting killed. Even though every time you have game over, which is just about every 3 to 5 minutes when you first start playing, there are Heart items randomly around the game that up your HP by 10. These do respawn after you die. So you can get some health up pretty quickly… not that it really helps.




It’s one of the better Zelda style top down games. The controls are a little wonky at start, but the game forces you to get used to them with how hard it is. Which again, wouldn’t be so hard if things actually died when you hit them a couple times. AND— if at the beginning of the game you didn’t get bumped off the castle tower and die constantly. But, the gamer shouldn’t be forced to learn how control something by getting the shit kicked out of him or her while trying to have fun. AND- you get stuck on walls constantly and get gang banged by enemies if you didn’t stand back and kill them all before progressing.





Now the way that I rate things, some stuff will get a decent score over all, this game obviously didn’t. I would say if you want to play a game that is so evilly hard that it makes you want to beat your fists into the mattress or couch cushions, so you don’t have to replace all the holes in your walls, by all means go pick this game up. It is one of the cheaper games on the system. I think I paid like two of three dollars for it, which oddly enough is the rating this game is getting. There are a lot of really bad games on the nintendo system (as well as every other), and I don’t classify this game as bad, it’s just so frustratingly hard that it makes you want to break your nintendo instead of hug it.



arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0 bonus points


-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Mendel Palace

Mendel Palace

Price = About 3-5 bucks.

Players = 1-2 with co-op play

‘The player’s character must save his girlfriend, who was kidnapped by a young girl. The backstory differs slightly between the Japanese and American versions, although the in-game presentation is the same regardless. In the American version, the player’s character is named Bon-Bon and the girl he must rescue is a Princess named Candy, who is trapped in her own dream. In the Japanese version, the main character is named Carton and the girl he must rescue is merely his own girlfriend, Jenny, who has been kidnapped by Carton’s younger sister Quinty (the titular character in the Japanese version).’ -taken from wikipedia
At the first glance of the cover of this game I really wouldn’t know what to think, so i’ll turn it over and read the back. It’s the normal storyline. Boy has to save girl blah blah blah. That was pretty much every single game ever released. So it has the normal style of game play. Let’s take it home and play this weird looking game.
Well after pressing start and by passing the opening screen I’m tossed to an overview map to select my area in which to start. (Level select) Sweet, I like having a choice in where I get to start and get my ass kicked by the game. Well now I’m confused that this game is actually a puzzle style game where you flip the floor to kill the baddies. That explains the weird screen shots on the back. I’m digging this.
The point of the game is to flip the tiles on the floor to knock the baddies into the walls causing them to explode in Mega Man death scene fashion. Underneath some of the cards/tiles are power ups that make an entire row flip over or a happy Sun that flips them all and you instantly win. It plays perfectly other than every so often the cards don’t flip when you press the button. Which could be a player flaw and not a game flaw (insert text smiley winkyface). This game is honestly just as confusing as the box art and the enemies are indeed the characters on the box. Each one of them has their own strange fighting mechanism to knock you into the wall and kill you. Which if they hit you and you don’t hit the wall you still die. (so you know)
I didn’t know I was buying a puzzle game at the time. But, I was aware that Hudson* does release a lot of strange puzzle/platformer related games, so i wasn’t surprised. If you enjoy puzzle games as much as I do, you will love this game. It’s not your normal style puzzle game like Tetris, Dr. Mario, or Yoshi’s Cookie, but is a lot of fun.
Mendel Palace sits on it’s own throne for a strange puzzle release title. But, I had a blast playing this game. It’s simple, straight forward, and the enemies are as japanese as all get out. If you like goofy games with puzzle style play definitely give this one a try.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = .02 bonus points
(for sumo tits and bald trannies in ballerina costumes)
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

Legacy Of The Wizard

Legacy Of The Wizard

PRICE = $1-5
‘ Long, long ago, an evil dragon terrorized the forest until it was imprisoned by a powerful wizard. Now, years later, the dragon has revived and it’s up to you to use the power of the wizard’s descendants, the draslefamily, defeat the dragon once again.
The whole family takes part in this action adventureas the parents, children, and even the family pet search huge dungeons for gold, keys, magic, hidden crowns and finally the magical sword that can destroy the dragon.
Can you recover the four crowns that will prove you worthy to wield the magical jeweled sword?’
The cover of this box instantly makes you think RPG, and the back of the box explains the game perfectly so you know what your role will be, but it doesn’t really tell you how the game play will be.
After placing the game in the system and selecting a person of the household, I’m tossed instantly into an action platformer. I love action platformers, so i’m already thrilled with this purchase.
I couldn’t really tell what the game was going to be like from the box at all. But the explanation and box art are dead on.
This game is an rpg action platformer that you can select one of five family members, which each have their own abilities. (Pet isn’t hurt by enemies other than bosses, the daughter can jump high, the mother, father, and son can use certain equip items no one else can) This game plays really well. Some of the baddies have some crazy attack patterns, but it’s on the n.e.s. so that’s expected.
The game has four different categories to pay A LOT of attention to. One is obviously your health meter, the second is your magic meter (which does deplete and is your only form of attacking), third is the key meter (which is how many keys you have, which you use a lot in this game), and the last is your gold meter (so you can buy things or stay at an inn to replenish health/magic. You will use these things a lot).
The annoying factor of this game is you run out of magic a lot, so you have to go to inns constantly. Enemies do drop items that replenish these things, but it’s never enough to comply. It’s a huge trial and error game, because since only certain family members can do certain things you have to constantly try and try again. If you die like all nes games you end up back at the beginning and have to go all the way back to where you were. But, if you are determined like i am, it will just reinforce your personal will to continue.
It’s a great platformer in comparison to most, and it adds in RPG elements that make the game have a lot more atmosphere. I had a great time playing this and trying to figure out the best ways to do things. And believe me it takes a long time to figure out where everything is, find the stuff without purchasing it, and finding out who best uses items. Because everyone uses different secondary items.
This game is probably one of the longest platformers i have ever played in my life, but i feel quite rewarded after beating it. This was a tough play and adds to my stockpile of beaten games.
This game has a great midi file soundtrack, great game play, and had such a huge map to explore that I enjoyed every bit of it. The small annoyances of having to get magic and keys all the time aren’t too bad after you get farther into the game. But do note, that if you unlock one of the door blocks and leave the screen it does come back, so always have enough keys on hand to get where you are going.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 0
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott