Devil Man Reproduction!! #2 of 6

I got one!

This all started one day when I walked into arcade legacy, asking the owner if he knew anyone that could translate a game that had no playable ROM. It happened to be Devil Man on the Famicom. We started chatting about it a while, and he decided that he would start an actual project of making it happen!

So, if you want to check it out. Below is his information on the game that just ended it’s auction on last night. 12/18/14.

Shared from Krankcolc (nintendo age profile)

“Hello all and happy holidays!

I am a big fan of reproduction games and especially the Limited Edition ones that people put some hard work into. I wanted to do one myself, specifically for a game that may not have really been repro’d much if any in the past. My buddy suggested the game Devil Man. While not an amazing game by any means, it’s a rad character and I thought I could do something pretty cool with it. This isn’t a game that is ideal to repro as it requires a Famicom adapter along with the reprogramming of the rom into English. That is why this is such a small run. That and the fact that I had to put up a fair amount of money to get everything made.

Now on to the goods. This set comes housed in a cigar box (just like the Free Fall and I think Lady Frogger). They are customized with the Japanese Devil Man logo and the Limited Edition number. The inside is lined with green felt. Inside you have the sparkly green painted cart with label that also corresponds with your number. Next we have the original Famicom cart that has been turned into a Christmas ornament. Then the true works of art. First we have a 3 inch 3D sculpted and printed bust of the chibi version of Devil Man done by Michael “Crash” Adams (who has done work for Image comics). Each limited edition will have a different color with #1 getting the full color figure. Rules below. And finally we have a very cool 16″x20″ poster/print done especially for this release by Quentin Ross. Both the figure and poster were comissioned by me specifically for this release and will not be available elsewhere.

Credit where credit is due:
*Brett Prescott for the idea and help obtaining converters
*Mkiker2089 for the cart painting
*Eric Bishop (aka Bishop Bros) for the rom programming –…
*vladictivo for the label printing
*Michael “Crash” Adams for the 3D sculpting –
*Quentin Ross for the poster art –”


In the BadorRad news!

Here is the info for the upcoming HORROR GAME REVIEWS on Local Dayton Television!!


If you don’t live in the area and can’t get the channel. Don’t fret, you can log into their website and watch the whole show. But, if you miss the broadcast. I will repost the reviews on Youtube after they have officially aired on the show as per my agreement.


I found out that I have a box variant today

I’ve never read about this one. So I may be the first person to mention it.


This is the 3 Screw version where Programmable is spelled correctly in the bottom corner.
This is the 3 Screw version where Programmable is spelled correctly in the bottom corner.


This is what I found on my copy after trying to remember what series these two were from, while talking to Mr. Crash Adams the night before.


Wrecking Crew is on the left and the world Programmable is mis-spelled with on M.
Wrecking Crew is on the left and the word Programmable is mis-spelled with on M.


Now there are 3 versions of this game already. There is the original print, which mine is, where originally instead of being sealed; the games had a black circle sticker holding the front lip down because there were hang tabs built in the box. That is the version I have. (Example reference photos)

Sticker seal is at the top of this Duck Hunt.
Sticker seal is at the top of this Duck Hunt.


Donkey Kong has the hang tab. Just like my version of Wrecking Crew. There are other 5 screw releases with a different box that doesn’t have the hang tab, and also the 3 screw versions that weren’t in hang tab boxes either.

These are the differences between the carts. You need the 5 screw version.
These are the differences between the carts from 3 screw to 5 screw.

Now I’m not sure if anyone has ever noticed this. I haven’t ever seen it listed on anything. So, If it has been seen or named. I’m repeating it, but if it hasn’t I’m claiming it here on my website.

So, regardless some cool information for you collector’s out there that love variants.

Happy Hunting,
XO from The Brett.

What Original Nintendo games have Famicom Converters in them?

If you aren’t sure what to look for in your Nintendo games to find these. They only came out in the original prints of the games when Nintendo didn’t have enough time to produce enough 9 pin adapters. So the easier way for them at the time was to use converters with famicom boards.

This is what you are looking for.
This is what you are looking for.

So, if you are out looking for them to complete your variants or to make some quick cash or trade money, you will need to look for flat tab top games with 5 screws in the back of the cart.

These are the differences between the carts. You need the 5 screw version.
These are the differences between the carts. You need the 5 screw version.


The only known games with them in them are these.

This is an easy way to use it.
This is an easy way to use it.

Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong Jr.
Duck Hunt
Elevator Action
Hogan’s Alley
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Raid on Bungeling Bay
Stack Up
Urban Champion
Wizards and Warriors
Wrecking Crew

Happy hunting and share with your pals.

X’s and O’s

Murdered Soul Suspect


Game Price = Varies

For PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps 3 & Ps4

One Player

“The Hardest Murder to Solve is your Own!

Caught in the purgatorial world of Dusk, he must combine his investigative skills with powerful supernatural abilities to uncover the shocking link between his own death and a ritualistic killer leaving a terrifying mark upon the town of Salem.”


The box catches your attention with the giant word MURDERED! plastered across it, and the story line sounds pretty cool. Not often have I ever solved my own murder in a game. So, it sounds pretty interesting.

I’ll give it a shot.



The game starts out and you see yourself being murdered and waking up in purgatory.. Which the game doesn’t really say anything about if you didn’t read the box. You’re Dead. That’s the basis here.

The game is 3rd person. So you are watching your full character move around.

There is no map in this game that is available in the actual game, if you bought it new you could use the download code to see it, but it really isn’t needed that much unless you are collecting all the little tidbits of information. WHICH ARE EVERYWHERE!!! There are so many collectibles. Like holy shit… do I really have to collect all these.

The game controls pretty well. It’s your normal wander around and inspect things. Once you start an investigation the game tells you where to go and where to look for clues. Which are scattered around the room. But, once you have found all of them (or haven’t) you can attempt to end this part of the case. Which brings up a menu to select the parts that you’ve found to move forward. If you chose wrong… don’t worry you can try again. If you don’t have the right parts to close the part, you’ll have to find more parts in the room again.

And, since you are a ghost you can walk through most walls, unless they are white walls, in which you can’t. These are parts of the world that are blocked from you.

The only enemies in this game are Demons. Which move back and forth like a bad NPC. If you sneak up on them you can grab them from behind and kill them with a quick command that pops up on the screen. Other than that you just have to avoid Demon hands that are on the stage. So if you don’t like a lot of action in a game, this is perfect for you.


As far as a genre to place this in.. it’s more like an old Mystery game. Like your classic style Shadowgate (PC, NES) , or more recent styles like Heavy Rain (PS3).

It’s more of just wandering around and collecting things and using your brain to remember the case to select the correct parts of information to move forward. But, there is no penalty for forgetting what’s going on really. You get a lower detective rating for choosing wrong, which doesn’t effect the game play at all. So you could just slam through this and skip the whole story if you are just getting trophies or achievements.

The Game ‘OVER’ ALL? (76%)

My main problem with this title is that there really isn’t too many ways to die. The enemies they put in the game just seem to be there to slow down your progress. If one sees you, you have to run away and hide inside protective barriers. Which can take a lot of time off your clock of enjoying the  game. So it’s more annoying than fun.  If you kill them all with no problem then it just slows you down for a few minutes.

This normally isn’t a problem in the game, because you are looking for clues or talking to people or ghosts. But when you hear that scream.. you just kind of sigh… Here we go again.

But if you aren’t a big gamer and just want to experience a story. This is a good title for you. There aren’t really any big surprises in the title to make you wow’ed or anything. But, it’s fun to piece together the world. And if you really like a lot of background in your story. All the tidbits of information you pick up, paint a pretty cool picture of all the characters and back story.

If you weren’t dead.. All of this stuff probably would have been told to you as you played.

If you don’t like to read, which is most of the world these days. You probably didn’t get this far in the review. And if you did, and still don’t like to read. You most likely won’t enjoy this game, or you will skip all the background information and beat the game in like 4 – 6 hours.