Zombies Ate My Neighbors




Price = 20-30 bucks

Players = 1-2 co-op
‘Will? these crazy kids survive the night? You can fend off the freaks with a virtual candy counter of weapons like uzi squirt guns, exploding soa pop, bazookas, weed wackers, and ancient artifacts. Also grab power ups-o-rama like secret potions and bobo clown decoys. Use your civtim radar viewer. DOES THIS GAME EVER END?’ -one of 6 paragraphs from the box
The cover of the game just looks like an old horror movie which makes me interested instantly, and once i turn the game over and does a perfect job of explaining every single thing you are in for in this game. It actually has a WHAT, WHO, WILL, WHERE, PLAY, and basic overview.
And after putting the game in, it explained it to perfection.
This game is an updated version of Alien syndrome. You select between two characters. A punk rock teenage boy with Billy Idol hair and old school 3D classes, or the Bad A– teenage girl.
The game instantly starts you out in a regular neighborhood scene with zombies everywhere, 10 neighbors to save (which is every level depending on if any die), and a stock pile of weapons and items all over. Your goal is to just save the 10 neighbors, but you can explore the entire stage and stock up on goods this game does have 55 levels of TERROR.
The game functions perfectly in single player but does have it’s small flaws with co-op, but it’s no different than every other co-op game back in the day. The game mapping only lets the screen load from character to character, meaning if you’re on one side of the screen/not moving and i’m trying to run the other way the screen will stop on your character. This sometimes causes you to get whooped on by stuff not quite in the play area of your screen yet. Which as a classic gamer, I’m used to this problem, but if you’ve never played old co-op games this is annoying.
The HUGE problem with this game is the control scheme, unless you have the 6-button sega genesis controller which I highly recommend you have anyway for all the games. But lets say you don’t. If you just have that basic factory packaged 3 button pad, you have to press two buttons (like A and B) at the same time to switch your inventory weapon, or (B and C) to switch your health/secondary items. This is a problem if you are getting bombarded with enemies because you can waste stuff on accident if you didn’t hit them perfectly. The easy fix is the 6 button pad because you can just push (X or Y) to instantly change them and not have a problem.
Other than those small details this game is amazing.
I love top down adventure games and this one is one of the best ones I’ve ever played. If you found yourself playing a lot of Gauntlet in the arcade, this is an amazing upgrade. If you just want a great old game to play with a buddy, this is the game to start with.
From beginning to end this game is a monster pile of fun. Every stage is loaded with goods, you get passcode every 4 stages if you find yourself dying a lot of need a break from the mayhem, and it’s probably one of the most fun multi-player games on the system.
This is a must own for the Sega- Genesis.
arbitrary credit for gore and nudity = 1
(for exploding monsters)
-Felix “the Brett” Prescott

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